TANGENT (TAN) Token Testing Phase Begins - (HIVEUPME Curation Project)

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Hi All,
Sometimes you might know me (@theguruasia) as the owner of TRENDO (TRDO) Token project top of STEEM chain.
Due to the chain split & few other reasons I had to shut down the TRENDO services & started Token buy back & burning process.
During last few months time, I started few token projects top of HIVE-ENGINE & VAULT Token is one of the project that share 95% of @hiveupme curation bot earning between it's delegators.

TANGENT (TAN) - A Comment Based Tip Token Script

I have upgraded the TRENDO (TRDO) Token script (developed by @ali-h). The new script contains more features than the previous (TRDO) script & we are testing the script with TESTO Token before go live.

TANGENT (TAN) Token Economy

TAN Token daily minting rate is totally depend on the earning of @hiveupme curation bot's particular day - curation earning. (TAN Token keeps 1:1 token mint rate to VAULT Token).

TANGENT (TAN) Token Distribution

The daily mint of TANGENT Tokens distribution:
  • 25% TANGENT Tokens share between @hiveupme delegators.
  • 50% TANGENT Tokens share with the comment reward bot.
  • 25% TANGENT Tokens share to the developer funds to burn or sell tokens.

Summon TAN Comment Reward Bot

You can use either one of the below listed command at Post => Comment Section to summon the TANGENT (TAN) Comment based reward bot.
  • $tangent
  • $tan
  • !tangent
  • !tan


The below listed limitations also added to TANGENT script.
  • You should hold atleast 10 TAN Tokens to summon the bot.
  • TAN Reward script works on 50% reward & 50% curation module.
  • You can't summon the bot more than 3 days older posts.
  • You can summon the bot for 3 successful calls per day.

The main token project will be launched on 5th of October, 2020 (Next Monday). During this time period we are testing the project by using TESTO (True Test) Token.

Join Us at [CORE / VAULT Token Discord Channel]

Hi there I have something in mind, if I delegate 100 HP to you then I will get ana regular upvote???

From your bots??

No, for the delegations to our curation bot @hiveupme, we share 95% curation reward between delegators. We do not provide upvotes to delegators or either we are not upvoting our promotional posts too. Everything is automated.


oh that's it @theguruasia how much did you give me each day if I delegate 100 HP to you?

It depends on the daily curation earning we received.


Ok thanks a lot for your help.

What happen to the TRDO token I have jn my wallet... is that means they are of no use now?