Ultimate Guide: How To Buy Hive Tokens Using Your Credit Card

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Dear Hivers,

On one side, you have small exchanges listing Hive — like Quidax and Bitfxt. You can always transfer your other tokens and trade them for Hive.

Then on the other side, you have big exchanges offering card payments. In this post, we will discuss such payments along with the fees.

If you are planning to buy more Hive tokens, then we have several options right now. I have discovered 3 simple ways.


#1: Buy Hive Using MoonPay

MoonPay recently updated their list of tokens. It includes Hive.

This company supports 160+ countries. The interface is simple with a flat fee of $5 per transaction.


To make the purchase:

  • Head over to buy.moonpay.io
  • Select Hive token
  • Enter the amount
  • Sign in / verify your identify
  • Pay using your credit card

What you should know: The following countries are NOT supported [details]:


Benefit of MoonPay: It supports all major debit/credit cards and also mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Do note that, depending on your country, you might face some hiccups.

#2: Buy Hive Using Binance

Binance needs no introduction. To buy the token, however, you have to follow a two-step process. Instead of buying Hive directly, follow these steps:

Step 1: Purchase USDT from your credit card [link]
Step 2: Trade USDT with Hive (as Binance supports Hive/USDT pair)


What you should know: When it comes to fees, you pay 3.5% per transaction or 10 USD — whichever is higher.

#3: Buy Hive Using Bittrex

Bittrex was the first exchange to list Hive. They have also introduced card payment this year.

To make the purchase:

  • Head over to your Bittrex Holdings page (link)
  • Click on Deposit by credit/debit card
  • Select the currency (US or Euro)
  • Enter your card details


What you should know: 3% fees with a daily limit of $2500. Also, only Visa is supported (see Mastercard supported countries here)


To recap:

  • MoonPay takes a flat fee of $5 per transaction.
  • Binance charges 3.5% or $10 — whichever is higher
  • Bittrex fees are 3%

On top of this, it is very important to mention the conversion fee. As you will pay through your local currency, there is a conversion charge. Typical conversion fee is around 1% to 3%.

Overall, you will end up paying $105 to $110 to buy $100 worth of Hive. It is extremely important to remember this.

So if you are comfortable with this fee, then go ahead and make your purchases. Collect your lovely tokens. In fact, someone told me it makes sense to buy now.

Perhaps it does.

It makes sense considering the price of the Hive tokens right now. It makes sense considering new power up initiatives like #HivePud. It makes sense — as long as you are comfortable with the fees.

And it makes sense — as long as you believe in Hive.🔥


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Are there any services that let people make payments to credit cards (or just deposit cash) with their crypto?

You can pay with Crypto.com (referral link, just strip it if you want). They have a credit card, gift cards, or payment ability to use crypto. Or Living Room of Satoshi if you live in Australia.

Interesting. Last month I found this company called Piixpay. This one does say you can "settle bills using ETH" and other cryptos. Please do check. Haven't personally tried it.

I was actually thinking in full circles. When one plans to buy or sell crypto (or precious metals for that matter), one should think in terms of a full circle.

For example, new users on HIVE are wise to buy some HIVE to get resource credits and voting power.

While buying HIVE, one should examine the platform as a possible route for selling HIVE.

Anyway, I think there are some companies that offer prepaid credit cards that interface with crypto.

Thanks for the article.

Personally, even if privacy and anonymity are not my concerns in buying HIVE, I still would not use my card to purchase HIVE due to high fees.

Out of curiosity, why not just credit card straight to Binance? They support that already via Simplex.

I tried Simplex on FTX / BitMax 6 months ago. Not sure if it is still the same. Fee was super-high. We do have multiple options, as you know.

Maybe there are different currencies available to different countries... when I looked at MoonPay, I got a list of just TEN major currencies that did NOT include Hive...

I do have a Bittrex account, so that makes more sense since Bittrex actually is one of the few exchanges that has a USD/Hive trading pair. But sadly, Bittrex does not support Debit/Credit card deposits in the US (banking laws — only BANKS are supposed to issue "cash advances"), so I'm outta luck, I think.

I got a list of just TEN major currencies that did NOT include Hive...

Let's try this. Did you see the support article? Some countries / US states are not included.

Well, that wasn't it, but I did a little poking around and ended up finding this, buried deep in the FAQ area — it's just really hard to buy cryptos in the US without doing a bank transfer to an exchange, buying BTC and exchanging it for the currency you are wanting: