If You Ever Wanted a Magic Crystal Ball for Trading This is Definitely It!

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The holy grail of crypto trading and investing

A magical Tradingview indicator printing shockingly precise BUY and SELL signals just minutes before the crypto market makes its next huge move. A "cheat code" most experienced traders out there are already utilizing but aren't telling you about it. A mysterious crystal ball telling you exactly when is the best time to buy or sell anything listed on Tradingview ( not just crypto ) allowing every noob out there to profit on the big guys pumping and dumping. Something everyone in their right mind would want to get in on, yet still quite unknown because very few ever talk about it.

I wonder why? 🤔

Probably because they don't want you to have a competitive advantage over them.

capitalizio tradingview indicator script crypto trading.png

Crypto trading mentality

Trading any market ( crypto especially ) could easily be considered as a competitive sport and when you are in the race, other competitors definitely don't want you to have any kind of advantage over them. I'm not that kind of person though. I'd rather have everyone enjoying an even playing field, ensuring a fair game for each participant. In this merciless world of flipping shitcoins for profits the ones who deserve the most help they can get are the noobie investors because they are the ones getting rekt left and right for making bad, uninformed and emotionally fueled calls.

  • Buying in because of the infamous FOMO and selling out at a loss as soon as FUD strikes.

  • Buying at the top and selling at the exact bottom because FOLE is too strong to think clearly.

  • Only deepening the pockets of the big guys and seemingly never able to make a good trade.

If these statements somewhat describe you or you are just looking to get that competitive advantage, what I'm about to show you is definitely something that deserves looking into. I'm going to be the first one to tell you that I'm neither a professional trader or TA expert but if someone like me can flip shitcoins for a profit using this tool, then so can you.

Capitaliz.io Tradingview indicator

While I can't tell you exactly what goes into this script as it uses a proprietary blend of different indicators which when combined paint a clear picture of imminent market movements, I can show you its impeccable track record. What I'll quickly demonstrate is that this script successfully predicted every major move both in crypto and traditional markets.


Let's start with something that's closest to our hearts, $hive.

capitalizio tradingview indicator script  hive.JPG

Not only did it predict every parabolic advance on the way up to the massive 650% move but it also successfully predicted the highest price it would reach on the run up with an 8% deviation which in this case, is rather minuscule considering the gains you would have acquired by following the signals it produced.

I couldn't be more frustrated about not having had this indicator at the time because I was dumb enough to sell on the first leg up for a total of around 45% while completely missing out on the magnificent 650% rally. In total, this bad call cost me more than 0.5 btc and it took me a week of banging my head on the wall to finally get over it and forgive myself for making such a lousy play.

Although if I had invested just 80 bucks into Capitaliz I would have paid it off in my first trade and enjoyed thousands of dollars in profits, I can't keep coming back to that negative mindset as it will only mentally bring me down to a place where I don't want to be at. What is done is done and I can only recoup my losses in future trades now that I'm equipped with my weapon of choice.


Moving on to something that is a point of interest for every single crypto enthusiast as it dictates to some extent the price of all other coins in existence, let's see how our little foretelling magical crystal ball performed on bitcoins recent wild price swings.

Capitalizio tradingview script indicator bitcoin.JPG

Pretty darn on point if you ask me and definitely much more precise than I would have ever been able to predict on my own.

If you've followed its signals these last few months, just looking at the ones with the highest percent change, you would have:

  • Sold at 10k and re-entered position at 8k
  • Sold 9.3k and re-entered at around 7k
  • Sold the top at 10k before the incredible move down all the way to 3.8k
  • Bought in at 6k to sell at 9k

I'll let you do the math on your own to see exactly how much profits you would have made if you followed these signals.

NOTE: we just got another fresh buy signal, pointing to the fact that the beloved orange internet coin is ready for a new move to the upside. How far will it go all depends on the strength of the bulls at this point.

My best guess is that it will either bounce off the 10k resistance or smash right through it to reach new local highs. If I see a sell signal around the 10k level, I'll look to take some profits while simultaneously opening a small, 3x leveraged short as a hedge.

Traditional markets

You may be intrigued to find out that Capitaliz works flawlessly not only in crypto but in traditional markets as well, I definitely was. Although I don't trade in these markets, it's still fascinating to see this indicator keeps hitting one bullseye after another even in traditional markets. It makes me wonder what kind of sorcery goes into it.

Take the S&P 500 for example

One of the most commonly used and referred to stock market index which presents stock performance of the 500 largest and most influential companies in the US. It's a leading indicator of the perceived health of the US economy from which we can distill how well the country as a whole is performing economically.

Capitalizio tradingview script indicator SP500.JPG

  • Most of us were aware that a global stock market collapse was imminent but how many of you would have successfully predicted the exact top of the utterly insane move up?

  • How many of you would have bought back in after such a massive move down?

Most likely not many, unless you have been using this indicator of course. It would have saved you from this historic 34% crash and currently, bank you another 13% on the move back up. Also, for more advanced traders a simple 3x leveraged short would have increased your position by a whopping 100%.

Something which is quite impossible to achieve in a market that usually only moves by 1-20% in a year.

US oil

Another historic and unprecedented move this indicator has Nostradamusly predicted in advance making me increasingly bullish about its signals to the point where I'd even consider partaking in trading the traditional markets but only if/when my crypto bags become so large that I'd need to further diversify.

Capitalizio tradingview script indicator US oil.JPG

Last buy signal on US oil would have banked you a 50% profit while the sell signal that followed would have made you a fortune in what is the best short trade I have ever seen, dumping an incredible 99.9%, all the way down to the negative territory. Something which was never before seen in the history of the stock market yet our crystal ball has predicted it.

The more I look into its past performance the more I'm impressed by its calls.

Still not convinced?

If you'd like to see its past performance on any given coin/stock feel free to make a request in the comment section down below and I'll pop the chart in there for you to review.

How to set up the indicator

  • Visit the website and pick up a monthly or yearly plan, whichever suits you best. Yearly is more than half the price of the monthly plan but I'd suggest you first get the monthly to see if this is something you want to invest in on a more long-term basis. But if you are into trading for the long-run then the yearly option is a no-brainer.

  • Proceed to checkout and provide your Tradingview username

  • Chose between PayPal or Bitcoin payment, agree with the TOS and complete payment

  • Last step to get you going is to get on Tradingview, navigate to Indicators and Strategies and search for Capitaliz.io


Voilà you are good to go!

Sick gains are awaiting.

Now it's all on you to open up the charts of your favorite coins and start trading.

How I use Capitaliz to snipe easy trades

  1. Pick a couple of coins for swing trades which I wouldn't mind holding for a longer period of time if a trade manages to go south on me because I'm afk or failed to place stop losses

  2. Fire up Tradingview, search for a good point of entry, signs of exhaustion in the market or a clear capitulation point, if possible

  3. Eliminate noise -> short time-frame charts are very noisy, printing signals way too often for a casual trader to keep up with so I start with the 1-hour chart moving up to the daily because signals will vary depending on the time-frame

By going through multiple, higher time-frames, I eliminate most of the noise and get a clearer picture of where the coin is gravitating towards in the weeks ahead.

  1. If my coin of choice has printed a buy signal on at least the 1 and 2-hour chart, I'm in, this is where I buy. I'll rarely wait for confirmation on the four-hour chart or even the confirmation candle. I'd rather set up a tighter stop loss than lose gains on the move up.

  2. Set up a stop loss I'm comfortable with and sell targets ranging from 10-100% depending on what I want to achieve and my time preference.


Although I have the indicator for only a few weeks and most of my portfolio is still locked in trades I've failed miserably at before acquiring it and I'm waiting for them to recover before selling out, I've still managed to place one fairly decent trade following the indicators buy signal.


I've ignored the sell signals on the hourly chart because I was comfortable with my stop losses, sell signals didn't trigger on higher time-frames and I was dedicated to sniping at least a quick 15% while ending up turning a 19% profit on this trade.

Currently buying all the way down to another buy signal after which I'll patiently wait for another flip.

Rinse and repeat until acquiring riches, at least that's the plan.

Another trade I'm very excited about is doubling up my Bittrex portfolio which I fill up with Steem to sell for Hive. I'm looking to enter positions slightly above 3k sats because there is a 500k buy order placed at 3001 sats. If that level fails to hold us from crashing to new lows, I'm going to increase my stack at around the 2.5k levels because we should find support and bounce from there. My only two goals with these trades are to reach 50k Hive powered up to finally acquire that elusive Orca status while simultaneously acquiring an entire bitcoin.

I still have quite a lot of Steem to sell for this purpose and if I play my cards well, I could see this playing.

As soon as I'm out of my bad trades, I'll dedicate a much larger allocation of my portfolio to trading solely based on these signals and I'll keep you updated about it in future posts.

If that's something you'd find interesting, keep an eye out for my future posts.

If you want to get the indicator whilst supporting my work, feel free to click on any link in the post because it's an affiliate link. It won't cost you anything more but I'll get a cut out of your payment. This way you can show appreciation for my work and heftily reward me for it while it won't cost you a single cent.

If you don't want to support me on the other hand, just use this link which isn't affiliated.

Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to read up on Capitaliz.io

I'm interested to hear your thoughts and opinions about it and would gladly discuss in down below.

Oh, yea and needless to say, none of the above constitutes investment advice. I'm just sharing my crypto journey and the tools that I find useful on my way up!

Take care.


Holy shit bro I love you:D Luckily I am MUCH better trader (lolz) than you and managed to sell Hive super high...Now the question is...do i want to buy this shit with the acquired BTC to help me with trading? I guess I will have to decide on my 1 week trial when I’m done with the university shenanigans...

Also if you buy the script for 2 years the additional year is basically for free (only 100 bucks)


Wish I was that lucky man. Nevertheless, I embrace failure as I found it's the best way to improve and move forward at a greatly accelerated pace.

Btw at what price did you sell at?

As for if you should get it or not with the proceeds of your winning trade, it's all on you and depends on how much value you find in such a tool and on how much do you plan to get involved in trading.

I sure as hell would have gotten it if I knew it would prevent the worst and most costly mistake I ever made.

Also if you buy the script for 2 years the additional year is basically for free (only 100 bucks)

I wasn't aware of it. Nice of them to offer such a huge discount as a way of appreciating long term subscribers.

So on average i sold 2k Hive at 9k satoshi...so far i bought back 15% of that at 3,3k satoshi. I would like to buy much more hive if it falls lower...but i would have to buy this script for BTC which would leave much less for hive.

On the other hand i managed to sell most of my Steem RIGHT after the airdrop snapshot so i really filled my pockets in the past 2 months.

I will test the script for week (full time trading) in about 3 weeks. If i see that i have made plenty of good trades and that i made like 5-50% of the price tag then it will be a no-brainer...if not...well i shall follow my own strategies which rely on much less frequent trades

Lucker 😅

Lmk how it went when you test it out.

skillz brooo:P

This looks very tempting indeed. Will look into it more. If I decide to buy it, I'll use your link. Thanks for the info!

Cool, thanks! Appreciate it.

This seems great but I cant look at any chart for now.


Do I have to create an account?
It also seems easy to use basically telling you when to buy or sell.

You can create an account but to see the charts you'll need to buy the script and open it up on Tradingview. You are right, it's quite easy to use.

Can it be bought with crypto?

Yep, they accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Save it to check that service later on. ;)


Check it, don't forget it 😂

Hit me on discord when you have a chance. mindtrap#9035

I never had this skill of understanding trades and crypto-related things, just the basics and that only with the help of a few users from here who were patient enough to explain me everything as often as I needed :D But I do have a huge appreciation for people like you. Being smart is really sexy and a cool thing! 😄

Nice one @runicar. A good trading strategy or tool can make one a full time trader earning your livelihood that way.

Thanks. It just banked me a huge profit on my Steem trade.


Nice one. I sold my liquid steem at 2800sats there. Randomly checked the price, saw it pumping and sold, though missed the very top at 3300sats.
Good profits to be made here in trading the dips and peaks.