Potential ABCD pattern for ICXBTC!

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ICON [ICXBTC] has hit an all-time low on 6 feb and the next day a big volume came in. In my opinion that was the bottom and like always, there is only a way to go ( up up we go) 

On the chart above:

  • In the first descending triangle , we can see a breakout on the down side took place and the price went down.  
  • In the second triangle, a breakout on the upper side took place and the price will go up. 
  • AB=CD!  
  • We have a bullish divergence
  • RSI and MACD are also bullish  


A clear view of the chart: 


Disclaimer :

My posts are never financial/invest advice! For a favorable outcome, make your own research! Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. Don't forget, it's all about positive thinking and patience! 

Remember, you should always use a stop loss! 

Enjoy the ride! 

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