Washi is process work!

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Hello steemians!
I am RYO!

Yesterday, I witnessed a very precious sight!
I am using all Japanese paper "Washi" for my art and manga,
So I visited a place where paper is being produced.

Then I could see the process work for making Washi!

These are all materials for Washi!

I saw this process work for the first time
Because this process work is for a short period of time

The material used for Washi is a plant called "Kouzo(楮)"
Kouzo is very fast growing and can be easily harvested in large quantity making it ideal for Washi materials

Of course, all of these are natural materials, so they will not place a burden on the environment.

I do not know about the paper in your country, but in Japan almost all of the paper is using petroleum.
So Japanese regular paper is a plastic like property so it will be burdensome to the environment…😞

In Japan Washi has been in use for 1300 years, but now they are abandoned and everything has changed into an petroleum life…Japan is really losing its own culture

Well, return the story

After these processes paper will be produced at this factory, But photography is prohibited at the in factory

But here is the wonderful YouTube!
This is introduced with all of Washi production with English subtitles!
If you are interested in the tradition of 1300 inherited in Japan, please look😉

This tree can confirm the texture of "paper" a little↓

And these trees smell very fragrant. I regret that I can not tell it to you ... a wonderful tree fragrance😊

I will quote a bit of my past postings about the difference between Washi and regular paper↓

This is the paper used by Japanese professional cartoonists↓

It is hard.

And this is Washi↓

It is soft.

This post talks about the softness of Washi, but there is also a hard type of Washi.
The biggest feature of Washi is its "touch feeling", but it is very hard to convey in pictures…
Washi is a bit gritty, but it touch the "feeling of tree" is very good

Anyway, I am glad that I could meet the process work of this washi!
I will continue to draw art and manga that kept using Washi!💪

Arigatou gozaiwashita!

Have not you seen the -Jingi-仁義 series yet?
My Samurai manga -Jingi-仁義 can be seen here!

First Chapter






All my mangas drawn in "Washi(和紙)"
It is a traditional Japanese paper made from 1300 years ago.
Posts on Washi and manga processes↓

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This is really interesting to see :D. I am glad that you took the time to take pictures and explained washi to us. Now I have more appreciation of this paper.
Congratulations for your curie vote, ryo-san ^_^.

Yeah! I was really moved by this sight!
This scene is limited and can not be seen for so long!

Thank you! I appreciate your vote and comment, too!😀

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Thank you for posting / very informative.

Your welcome! Thank you for comment!😉

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That is really the interesting post I came along. I knew that paper made from.woods but never knew about all the processing part. Especially the artistic rusty paper which makes many artist to draw out their imagination to perfection. Thanks for sharing the awesome process...worth reading and watching the YouTube. ...today's first learning👍

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Thank you!
Washi is really wonderful, but unfortunately the current mainstream is paper mixed with petroleum…
But traditional paper will impress many people and it will be a salvation to the environment😊
Thank you for reading😉

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I have never heard of Washi. It's very interesting to learn about this tree and paper made out of it. It must have been very exciting for you to visit the factory as you're using the paper. I also didn't know about plastic used in Japanese paper. I am not sure about paper in Switzerland but I will investigate to learn more as I'm trying to put as little burden on the environment as I can :)

Thank you for sharing and have a nice day!

Yeah,I was really excited by the fragrance of this plants!
It is a fragrance that feels the splendor of nature😊
I think that Switzerland peper probably no problem…In the case of Japan oil industry is dominating so oil is used everywhere…😞

Your welcome! Thank you for reading!

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This is a great post.I did not know about this plant and the paper that can be obtained from it. It is good to know that somewhere out there efforts are being made to produce environmentally friendly items of mass consumption.
I've just started to check your work. Good story line, great art

Thank you!
In old Japan this washi was used as usual, However as paper made from petroleum is now being circulated cheaply, Washi is not used much…So I am happy that many people will know Washi!
Oh! Thank you! I am using Washi for art and manga😊

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Kuozo is a really interesting plant, I wonder how it looks while still growing on the field, with its leaves and all. It's my first time hearing of this plant and the paper, really.

It must have felt amazing being surrounded by all those "kuozo goodness". I guess that experience has made you appreciate Washi papers even more. I feel like we do get a kind of deeper connection (or maybe appreciation?) of the things we use when we get to witness all the work that goes into making them and even being a part of it.

I am pretty sure the regular papers in my country aren't made out of petroleum. And hearing of papers made out of petroleum is pretty new to me. I wonder why most of these people ditched making these kind of paper for the plastic type, really. Is the petroleum type easier to produce?

Kouzo is such a look!
It grows to about 3 meters in a year😃

Washi has few mechanical work, there are many people's passion and love there.
The craftworkers who make washi are really decreasing, so I appreciate their efforts.

Japan lost the war 80 years ago and the oil industry dominated most of the japanese economy,
So almost all the nature's culture that was in Japan was denied, and everything was changed to petroleum while people did not know…
So in Japan almost all of paper, clothes and food are using petroleum😞

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Oh... It is a really nice looking plant. And you said it has an amazing smell too? Does the paper retain the smell after it has been manufactured?

Manufacturing Washi seems more like a labor of love. I appreciate the bravery and passion of those that still work on manufacturing it.

I know really little about Japanese history but its just so sad that they lost their culture along with the war... Hopefully, it will get better...

After becoming Washi there is not much fragrance, However there are many kinds of Washi, so some kinds have a little fragrance😊

Yeah, I think I will keep on posting good for keeping the Japanese tradition…
Thank you for reading!

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Wouldn't it be a pleasure to draw or write on a fragrant paper? Every minute of using such paper will greatly be appreciated. 😊 it is sad though that it looses that fragrance in the manufacturing process, but it is all good, yeah?


Hi @ryo-6414 san, great post it is!
I'm interested in this kind of folk crafts, so I enjoyed reading this and I'm very happy lots of people from abroad are interested in this handy work. Thanks for sharing n resteemed.

Hi! Thank you!
I am glad if many people will be interested in Japanese culture with this post. This natural culture must prosper...in the world where plastics are a problem.
Thank you for comment and resteemed!

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Lovely piece you got in there. I love the entire write up. And the traditional materials are lovely.
Keep up the good work

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Thank you!
I also love traditional materials!
This place has really beautiful nature and is the perfect place to protect the traditional recipe😊

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Is this the paper that has always been used for the elaboration of manga? I understand that the manga at the time of the war was very popular for the economic that was their paper they were basically drawn on recycled paper. I did not know anything about the whashi. very interesting this post. thanks for sharing.

No, Washi was not used in manga but was used for old books and various events.
Manga being sold is recycled paper, However, most of paper for manga drawing and popular paper are using petroleum.
Your welcome! Washi is really wonderful, Thank you for reading😊

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Howdy from Texas ryo-6414! How interesting, this information about Washi and what it is and why it's superior to petroleum paper. This is great information, I hope Japan goes back to making more Washi!

Thank you! Petroleum paper is really stupid…There was this wonderful paper in Japan 1300 years ago, I hope that this wonderful Japanese paper spreads!
Thank you for reading😊

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howdy again ryop-6414! Well that's amazing information and I hope it succeeds too!

thanks for this interesting post of a subject I never heard about it, every day is a new opportunity to learn something

That's good! I would be glad if I could give you an interesting post! Thank you for reading😊

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Really interesting @ryo-6414 😃 in my country, the paper manufacture use pine tree to make paper but off course with modern machinery. Why do you think that using washi paper for manga is better than the common paper?

Thank you!😊In Japan I think that how to make modern paper is similar to your country😃

Actually, Washi is not very suitable for manga…😆Because hard paper is suitable for manga, Washi is soft.
But I love Japanese culture and nature, Washi is condensed with its long history of Japan and the power of nature. So I like it and use it😉

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beside @ryo-6414, you can get some inspiration from washi too.. right? I always love the way you create a mixed between manga and japanese forgotten culture and history, and it's really nice to see and how you enjoy all the journey to make us know more about your culture and country.. THANKS A BUNCH!!