Dancing in Hawaii Pt. 4

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Hey Hive community,

I love the colors, textures, smells, and overall energy of Hawaii. I loved walking barefoot everywhere I explored. Body surfing and flowing in the pristine ocean water was nourishing to my soul. The casual nature of people here is quite refreshing, and there seems to be a shared respect for the beautiful nature all around. Yet talking to locals this past week, it was also interesting to learn about island politics in regards to land ownership, real estate, crime and homelessness, and public education. On a more serious note, it sounds like much of Hawaii law is quite convoluted, given the long and storied history of this island. And COVID-19 public health policies destroyed the housing market, leading to thousands of Hawaiians living in their cars on various parts of the island. Many of the locals moved to Hilo, the other side of the big island where things are more affordable and less captured by corporate, commercial interests.

The overall perspective I was getting from Kona locals was that living on the big island is well suited for those with remote jobs or have specific trade skills. Access to quality medical care isn't great, and many have to hop to another island in Hawaii or even fly to the mainland. If I ever lived in Hawaii, I could imagine it being a short-term adventure, yet not a long term situation. There are a wide variety of work exchange programs at many of the amazing coffee plantations, where your groceries and housing is paid for in exchange for working on the farms.

I'm back on the mainland idealistically entertaining the thought of living in Hawaii. Realistically, I don't see myself doing this for many different reasons. Yet I do feel like like I can heal and revitalize myself out here, even if it's just coming out to the islands every once and while for a restart.

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Below is a video of some highlights of my last few dancing moments in this beautiful place! Enjoy!


Epic colors! Love the dance as always: )

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