📷 🍇 Bodega Septima Winery » 🛩 Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina 🇦🇷 At the foot of the Andes Mountains!

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Fun Fact: This 750-acre estate is in the Lujan de Cuyo sub-region of Mendoza, a region that produces 75% of Argentina’s wine.

About one year ago, to the day, my family visited Argentina for the Buenos Aires Marathon and during our trip we decided to jet over to Mendoza (quick 2 hour flight) to visit several of the best vineyards and winery's in the Argentina, possibly the world.

One of our most memorable stops for me was the Bodega Septima Vineyard & Winery at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Since we have energetic and focused family and didn't want distractions and or other annoying tourist getting in the way, we rented out the winery/restaurant for ourselves. This gave me a great opportunity to take some unabated photographs of the vineyard and its extremely large 750-acre estate. It also gave me the chance to take some of the best Malbec I've ever had, an organism of flavors! 😏 You see what I did there?

So what I'll do is show you my favorite shot first, Panoramic shot of the Vineyard from the roof of the winery, and then continue on with some other shots of the vineyard and also some travel photographs!

For this shot I couldn't decide on which type of shot it should be so I worked it in 3 different styles, let me know your favorite! Make sure to click on each photo to view at full resolution

(Be careful of your data if on a mobile device, they are very large files)




Jet From Buenos Aires to Mendoza ![IMG_0687.jpg]()

Tiny Airport in Mendoza

Airport Playground 😅

Short Video Captured from the roof

Vineyard & The Andes Mountains

Row of grape vines

A Close Up

Hope you enjoyed this little trip, time to grab a bottle of Argentina Malbec and relax!

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love the hdr pic, beautiful sky!

If you are planning to come to Uruguay I invite you my preferred wine from here... near my house in Punta del Este, the best Tannat all over the World! https://bodegagarzon.com/es/ Cheers!

Well if I ever do plan a trip to Uruguay I know who to contact! Cheers!!

Sure... you are close! and you ll love this Beaches! Enjoy !



Awesome photos though! Well worth the bandwidth!

I guess I should make the warning a bit more obvious, glad it was worth it, and your cycle is almost finished thank god!

WOW great post @blueorgy ! I really like you photos ,the places are amaizing too ! ( going with a private jet should be better haha ) .

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your @braveheart22


Wow . . Amazing @blueorgy. . Thankyou for sharing

Beautiful & Amazing Photography... Jet is looking awesome..

Thank You very much, and yes always great taking a private jet, fast, on your schedule and reliable :) and fun of course

very informational blog @blueorgy, you have posted.wrote very well and all the pics taken are fabolous.i like that.

the great ideas for photography @blueorgy
good job and amazing photos.

Class))) I live in Transcarpathia now))) This is the grape paradise of Ukraine))) I really liked your photos))) Not so long ago we began to take an interest in the theme of wine))) We plan to make a business and make wine)) We were at the tasting where we were offered to try Argentine wine)) We liked it))) Thanks for the post))


Septima Malbec is sold in the main supermarket across Switzerland,- but I am guessing not the good stuff...

We were in Mendoza a few years ago after a wedding in BA - thought it was just amazing - we stopped there while trying and failing to drive over to Chile

Your photos are way better than mine, so thanks for that!!

Time for a glass of red before bed I think!!


wow! They sky is so blue! I love it! :)

I just stumbled on your fabulous image application from another artist and it is fabulous. I love the pictures of the Winery here. Thanks for sharing your talents on Steemit!

75% of Argentina’s wine ... hmmm , I'd like to visit this place too @blueorgy haha .

Nice place ,great post like always my friend.

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great post! and the original picture is my fovotire ) followed you to see more of your posts