Kau Hawaii~ A Wild And Rugged Piece Of Paradise

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A Long Way From Anywhere


Kau is the name of the southern region of Hawaii Island. It’s a very rural area of ranchers and farms. It only has a few small towns, mine being one of them.
We are 50 miles from Kona and 70 miles from Hilo, the two “cities” on the island.


When I need supplies I often take the drive to Hilo. This was the case a few days ago and I took a few pictures on the trip.

On my way to Hilo I pass through Hawaii Volcano National Park. This lush habitat is full of beautiful flowers and is a stark contrast to the rocky barren coastline throughout Kau.

~this ginger blossom came home with me and is still filling my home with its heavenly scent~

Thousands of Hawaiian people lived here in the past. These south facing slopes were covered in terraced farms and homes. It was the “ bread basket” of the island.

In recent times, as food security becomes more prominent in community planning these farms are slowly returning.

I’m grateful to be a small farmer in this community.


I still have yet to one day visit Hawaii. So beautiful there. That Ginger Blossom looks so cool! Thanks for sharing!

Land is cheap out here, and freedom can still be found. Not sure how long either will last though.