Sheering is gearing

Supper stuff

Thanks for sharing this post.

Very nice work

Congratulations, you have healed as before, and you want to climb a high mountain. You managed to increase your confidence and fight for perfect healing. You made it through a critical period by undergoing a very heavy chemotherapy. Once more congratulations.

Incredible feet you've pulled out here! Makes me want to do better! Steem on fine sir!!

You're a real hero @furiouspete123. People like you are an inspiration. I have a sibling that is a 10 year leukemia survivor and I know what he went through. God bless your brave heart

good job, should inspire others to push the boundaries.

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”
― Molière

Amazing work, and good luck in your adventures!

Great post, way to be!!