Nha Trang Attractions: #10 Nha Trang Beach

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Nha Trang boasts one of the best beach areas in the country. The main beach is a long sweeping affair with magnificent golden sand and luxurious turquoise waters. As the city has changed over the years, thankfully the beach has been left alone.
10 Nha Trang Beach.jpg

The gorgeous beach at Nha Trang

Tran Phu is the promenade which runs for about 6 kilometres, and the beach maintains its high standard for the full length. There are some terrific restaurants and bars along the stretch, but it is the quality of the beach itself which draws the people. The most famous spots here are The Sailing Club and Louisiana Brewhouse, both offer great places to grab some lunch or dinner. This beach is a glorious place to chill out, catch some sun and enjoy swimming.
10a Nha Trang Beach.jpg

Picture perfect sand and sea

Beautiful Casuarina trees and planted shrubs run along the beach providing a natural looking boundary between the road and the beach. It really is an amazing place to be. The beach is genuinely one of the highlights of this busy town. Of all the coastal cities in Vietnam, Nha Trang is the only one to have its beach at its very heart.

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Truly a beautiful beach! Nice photographs.

Thank you and thanks for commenting.