Nha Trang Attractions: #5 The Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang

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The Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang sits on its own island in the crystal clear waters of a bay that has been named as in the top 30 most beautiful bays in the world. This is what tropical islands dreams are all about; clear blue sea, white sand, palm trees and a terrific resort.

The ever popular Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang

Guest reach the island by means of the 10,900 ft cable car ride, which until recently was the longest such sea crossing in the world. Upon arrival the Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang provides 5 star treatment all the way. Among the great attractions here are the largest outdoor swimming pool in Southeast Asia, wonderful spa treatment and wellness facilities and superb restaurants. Of all Nha Trang attractions this is the most famous.

The Vietnamese have lavished the resort with a whole list of glamorous names including “Brilliant flower basket on the East Sea Coast” or “Vietnamese pearl”.It goes without saying that it is well liked.

Connected to the five star resort is the 50 acre Vinpearl Amusement Park which contains many modern large scale rides comparable with anything in the region. There is a water park containing some excellent extreme rides and games, The Vinpearl Under Water World housing almost 300 rare species, an 5,000 amphitheatre for live performances and a shopping mall with food court.

The Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang is one of the best attractions in Nha Trang and in the country. It is extreme popular with locals and tourists alike.

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