Nha Trang Attractions: #6 Dam Market

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Dam Market or Cho Dam to give it its Vietnamese name is a huge, circular, three-story affair. It is the largest and busiest of Nha Trang’s markets. The three floors are all packed with stalls selling everything from local produce to local people, to souvenirs for tourists.
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The uniquely designed Dam market

Dam Market can be a bit overwhelming as, like many Vietnamese markets, it is a thriving, chaotic, riot of traders and customers. It is a must-see attraction of Nha Trang. The stalls sell all kinds of things and is a real treasure trove for market fans. Clothing and footwear, bags of all kinds, trinkets, artwork and designer copies for those who like the style without the price tag. The food area has some great dried seafood selections and there are food stalls where you can take lunch and try to relax in the chaos.
Dam Market 1.jpg

Inside the iconic Dam market

This is definitely a market for bartering. Tourists get quoted higher prices and it’s up to you to try and get them down. It’s all part of the fun, just keep smiling but stick to your guns. That being said, please remember that one dollar is a meal for these people, so be reasonable. Get there early and you will avoid the big rush of tourists, whilst at the same time also avoiding the hottest part of the day. This is when the locals visit, which will give you a more authentic experience.

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Great stuff. looks like in Thailand/Bangkok as i visited years ago.

Thanks for sharing

Nha Trang is a very interesting town, thanks for commenting.

Wow this place is unique and exciting.

Yeah, I like Nha Trang. I've been a few times and never got bored. Thanks for the comment.