Nha Trang Attractions: #7 Ninh Van Bay

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For those who don’t need to check their wallets, the Six Senses Resort at Ninh Van Bay offers the most luxurious getaway in Southeast Asia. This extraordinary resort is a regular hotspot for the rich and famous. With no road access whatsoever, it can only be reached by boat across the water.
7 A true paradise Photo Six Senses.jpg

A true paradise. Photo Six Senses

The bay itself is a picture perfect setting as lush greenery sweeps down on a perfectly shaped bay. Gorgeous sands and crystal clear water, provide the finishing touches to this paradise. The Six Senses Resort presents beautiful villas that are superbly appointed.
Six Senses Resort, Ninh Van Bay. Photo Six Senses.jpg

Six Senses Resort, Ninh Van Bay. Photo Six Senses

This really is something special; a secluded paradise offering peace, tranquility and astonishing views. It sits on a peninsula across the main bay from the city of Nha Trang. although just 10 kilometres across the sea from the bustling main part of the city, it is a million miles away in every other sense.

!steemitworldmap 12.359229 lat 109.276040 Ninh Van Bay D3SCR

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