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Hello everyone !!! I'm Mariela but currently most people call me Lola, so you can call me Lola too. I was born in the Netherlands, a country known for its flowers (tulips), windmills, cheese, herring and what else.. oh yeah, bicycles. Fun fact, there are more bicycles than people in the Netherlands, everyone has at least one or sometimes even two. As lovely as the Netherlands can be since my early days I always have had a urge to leave the country, to travel. As a child I would join my family plenty of times to visit my family whom lives in the Dominican Republic. I think here is where my travel bug (strong desire to travel) was initiated.

I studied international business and languages at the HZ University of Applied Sciences. In high school some language teachers discovered that I have a ''talenknobbel'', unfortunately there is no appropriate translation in English for this Dutch word. If you have a ''talenknobbel'' you basically have a talent for learning languages. I love being able to speak different languages and I find it very compelling that depending on which language you are speaking you can express yourself in a different way. I could tell the same story in a different language and possibly, but most certainly emote differently depending on which language I'm speaking. You might be wondering which languages I can speak.. Can you guess? 😁

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I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity and the courage to travel.






At the moment I have been living in Vietnam for over 2 years already and plan to stay here for plenty more 😍! Before coming to Vietnam I didn't really know anything about the country. A fellow colleague of mine at a language university in China was planning to visit Vietnam for his winter holiday. Meanwhile, I still had to decide where I wanted to go for my winter holiday. So... the trued is that I had a huge crush on my fellow colleague which resulted in my curiosity to find out more about Vietnam. I checked out the weather first, looked at some photos, read some travel blogs about Vietnam and in addition looked up the flight schedules and their prices. And here I am! two years later..


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I live in Da Nang which is a coastal city located in the center of Vietnam. I love it here, I can go to the beach, to the stream in the mountains or just drive around and discover new cool coffeeshops for example. I would say, for me the only thing that is missing... are horses. Not too many horses in this part of Vietnam😆.



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My brain is very imaginative and visual. When I here a story I can see the images in my head flashing by. Therefor, I also love to create visuals as photos (check out my photography: ),
videos (check out my youtube channel 😁: )
and paintings (when painting water color is my favorite medium) .
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This is my first primitive house/shelter I have build.

I'm very grateful for my friends whom introduced me to this platform and also helped me to set up my hive account. Thank you @trangbaby and @babeltrips 🙏 !
Within this new community I'm looking forward to read, learn and connect with like-minded people 🙂. I'm mostly interested in subjects as primitive living, photography, survival, plant remedy etc.

PS: Can't wait to share my first article that I wrote 😁 .




Welcome to hive😀 hope you'll get an awesome time here

Thank you 🙂

Welcome to Hive Lola. Yay you finally made it.

Btw, I think you posted twice. Could you please delete 1?

Done (: thank you

Welcome to Hive, have a great time here. Greetings from dear Da Nang

Welcome to Hive, hope you will have great experiences in this community.

Thank you dear

Welcome to Hive, have a great time here.😊

Thank you

Hey girl, wait for me to come to Da Nang and schedule trips to streams and waterfalls. Waiting for the most beautiful sunny day possible

oh yes! can't wait to visit some streams and waterfalls soon 😍

Welcome to Hive. Nice to meet you 😄

thank you (: nice to meet you too

Welcome to Hive community. Hope you have a lot of fun here 😀

Thank you ^^

Welcome to Hive, have a great time here. A welcoming from Vietnam 🇻🇳.

thank you

welcome to hive <3

thank you

Thank you ❤️

Jij spreekt nederlands en spanish for sure! 😂Welkom bij hive! Oh.. My Dutch language is getting rusty. Hahhaa. tot ziens (my favorite word) hahaha! En ik heb honger! Those Dutch words and lines I will not forget. Haha. Where are you from the Netherlands? Welkom bij hive again Lola! (fun fact, Lola in the Philippines is grandmother) 🤗✨

haha XD yes spanish and nederlands for sure. I'm from Middelburg. Yes, I recently found out the meaning of Lola in the Philippines 🤣. Have you lived been in the Netherlands?

Yeps.. I lived there for a year (2014) in Rotterdam few steps away from Erasmus University. Hahahha! Yes, but it's a cool nickname. Danish kids has Lola's name too. Wish I was able and visit Middelburg before. There's just too many beautiful underrated places in NL. Welcome again Lola ✨

thank you dear 😊

You made it 😍 Welcome Lola! You will enjoy Hive a lot ;)

Thank you chi 😁

Warmly welcome to HIve blockchain with great intro post. Enjoy your journey.

Thanks 🙂

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Thanks a lot for all the useful information

Welcome to peakd and Hive! Did you know that there are many different websites powered by Hive? If you enjoy travel blogging check out :) See you around @lolawrites!

thank you 😁 I will definitely check out

Welcome you to Hive!
Greeting from Viet Nam 😊

Thank you dear 🙂

Epic intro Lola, welcome to Hive! Cannot wait to check out your future posts :)

@tipu curate

thank you so much 🙂


Welcome to Hive my friend.
Here you will find the perfect environment to connect with wonderful people all over the world.
I can't imagine how many languages you can speak. And Portuguese? Do you talk?
I love reading about Da Nang's stories!
Great photos.

Thank you😁 sim posso falar portugues 😊

wow, fantástico! muito maneiro!

Bienvenida a Hive!!!!

Gracias 😊

Hi Lola Welcome to Hive! Glad you met @trangbaby and she introduced you to Hive. There are so many communities I am sure you will find some great people and if there is not the community you are looking for you can create and have it be a place others are looking for!

Thank you. I'm looking forward to finding and/or creating those places 😊

Welcome Lola, wow you are so well-traveled.
Love the pic with the red rose.
It's great to be able to learn many languages, I think that's a great asset, especially when you travel to different countries.
See you around!

Hi @lolawrites, nice to meet you!
Welcome to Hive community 😉

Hi, @lolawrites. welcome you to Hive. You are so beautiful. hope you enjoy this community