My Ridiculous Experience with Air Asia | One Stupid Step, Paid Amount Fully Forfeited

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Paid RM1.2k, I have to pay another RM1.2k.

So I bought 2 flight tickets to Taiwan last night, the purchased departure date is in June this year.


After everything and payment settled, my boyfriend and I suddenly discussed that we should have purchased an earlier date to avoid summer, perhaps check if Air Asia allows amending date by paying extra charges (expecting around RM200).

There goes the nightmare, my "confirmed booking" became "pending payment booking", the bill total turned from RM1.2k to RM2.4k. Meaning no matter you're paying for the amended booking (the balance) or not, you will not be allowed to on board to the original flight anymore. Meaning what you paid just now consider free pocket money for Air Asia. Yeap, they just "eat my money up" straight away. (I still think this is ridiculous and unacceptable.)

Not clearly warned that we are giving up our current confirmed booking, it will be considered released and the paid amount will be fully forfeited.

As this is my second times purchasing Air Asia's tickets, and we never amended any flight details before, we go through the process trying to find out what will the amendment charges be.

So the system asks which date I'd like to amend to, top right-hand side showing the amount that you need to pay (where top left-hand side shows the payment that you made), I was too dumb to think that they will deduct the payment I made when I check-out to the final payment page.

Anyhow, in my mindset is, as long as you are not making any payment, nothing is changing, and no amendments will be effective, because why would Air Asia change your flight dates for you if you are not making any payment, right?

But after checking twice with their customer support. The answer is, if "the balance" is not paid, Air Asia won't allow you to onboard on the amended flight, and you are also not allowed to onboard on the original flight. They considered I gave up my current booking once clicked on "pay" on the modifying page, even if the payment is not successful. Which I was not clearly warned.


If they want to do it this way, I really think they should be warning us:

"This is your amendment fee: RM1.2k. Do you confirm that you want to give up your current confirmed booking?
Your current booking will be released and your paid amount will be fully forfeited by clicking "PAY".
Even if the payment is not successful, your current confirmed booking will not be effective anymore and you won't be allowed on board."

Big and red. Still, does not make any sense.

I scream for help on social media to see if any friend possible to help. A friend of mine gave me hope. 💚

As I can't get over that they release my confirmed booking directly without a successful payment is made, after failed attempts at contacting my friends, I ask for help on social media.

One of my friends help me to check with her colleague, and the response is; we could have our original flight tickets but must approach the airport service counter. Plus, we would probably need to pay a little for "penalty", because we "play play" with amending dates. (os: well but we didn't confirm with making any payment...)

Still, very glad to get this response, as their live chat customer supports insist that we have to pay. (Paying the penalty would definitely be better than paying another RM1.2k bruh)

Not finalized yet but cheers to friends! 💚


Advice: Don't amend the date by yourself, always ask for customer supports' assistance.

If you face the same situation as mine, not sure how to amend your flight dates, first call the Air Asia call center (we heard a friend said that it's possible to amend date by paying around RM200, but we really not sure about this, because most of my friends say Air Asia does not allow amending dates. Do share below if you know how), available from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. Or go to their live chat, available 24/7 (you'll get a queue number, you might need to wait longer than an hour in daytime).

Perhaps you can still amend other details like "Baggage", "Seat Selections", "Meals", etc, but don't modify any date amendment on top of your confirmed booking.

If you still end up in the situation to "amend date" yourself, and if the price is the whole new ticket fares, just place a new booking. (From our experience, the so-called "modifying date" is actually buying yourself another flight ticket. Delivers false expectations. Not sure if they can process date amendment with a cheaper charge.)

Because if you are buying a new ticket, why make an amendment to the confirmed booking and let the existing flight ticket burned? You could have two dates to decide later by placing a new booking, just in case. Plus, you'd need to email the travel insurance department if you made any changes to your itinerary before your departure date.

** To finalize, any amendments, just call them to double confirm before clicking anything.**

As for our booking, everything is not confirmed yet until we get to their service counter. Really hope we can get our original tickets back or I have to pray this post allows me to earn enough dollars to cover the lost (╥╯﹏╰╥)ง

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hey! so glad it's 'settled'. I mean compared to the nightmare last night :(

Now just have to pray that we can get the tickets back, gotta prepare all those documents and apply 1 day leave!

yeah. it's such a chore. and to waste 1 day leave doing that. really hope you get back your money. sien gao gao!

These sort of situations are a total nightmare!

Hope everything gets settled soon!

I know right, and I really hope so, thank you! :)

It's near unethical what they're doing.. At least now we all learned to consult the airline directly through their support channel.

Yea service providers and consumers have different stands. Anything better asks for customer supports' assistance.. so if information not provided enough could be their problem, but if you go through mobile App/website, everything in T&C box you ticked will be their powerful points.

Never trust anyone anything. And always use social media where available.