Eurotrip part #3 : Innsbruck , Austria.

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Last year during the Christmas season I have been in Innsbruck,  Austria, the journey from Florence was not too long, and we got a beautiful winter sun all the time .

 Innsbruck is a lovely city, the view of the Alps is magnificent and the Christmas market are very beautiful to look at. 

The colorful streets were addobate festively with the characters of the famous Grimm fairy tales, a very charming and sweet idea,  these decorations created a fairy-tale atmosphere.

 To the markets we have seen many local products and tasted many delicious desserts, especially the donuts with jam. 


Both the first and the last shots were by far my favourites! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures... The last one just convinced me to go for dessert! Would you happen to know why were the characters from Grimm fairy tales so important in this specific area? Namaste :)

ah ah yes i loved the donuts with jam !! were not daily donuts but very very tender and sweet !! I did not remember why these decorations are put in the historic district, some guys explained it to me but i forget, i just remeber they were used in honor of another event ( Maybe a festival or similar i do not remember exactly) ^^

Beautiful city! I especially like the city with the mountains background!

yes. very beautiful view!

Beautiful place... somehow, I never made it to Austria, in spite of growing up in Denmark and living in many European countries. Thanks for sharing!

Austria is wonderful!!