A day of trekking! | The unexpected end.

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Once we were all together, there came the decision of how to return to the city and Mauricio mentioned that he was going to visit a sector called “El Sinaral”, which connected to the main road that we had climbed in the morning and there we could get a bus back home.

It seemed like a good idea so we all took that path, but what I didn’t know was that the steepest descents that my knees had had to endure until then were waiting for us right ahead. I just wanted to have a cardboard to slide downhill sitting on it 😂

So that was my little suffering  until we got to a house where they kindly gave us water to continue, and then came the final climb before reaching the road and as you may know, this is the hardest part for me, it is where I usually stay behind because of how slow my pace is when climbing.

My friends obviously stuck with me (💓) but the rest of the group continued at a higher pace and we lost track of them; We assumed that they would wait for us to get the final bus, but it didn’t go like that.

When we finally reached the road we were surprised to see no one, and we had no way of contacting them to know what had happened, anyway we knew we had to get a bus back home anyway so we went down the edge of the road to a place in which was more likely for a driver to to make a stop, luckily we didn’t have to wait long for this to happen.

And so yep, that was how the 4 of us returned safe but  well exhausted to our homes.

This trek despite not looking like something out of this world, was one of my favorites from 2017.

Thanks to everyone who made that day an excellent memory and an entertaining story to tell.

The end.  

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