A day of trekking! | vol. 2

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It was a sunny day, ideal to go to Las Coloradas wilderness that was relatively close, so much that Mauricio wanted to continue towards it, but the rest of us wanted to keep the initial plan and finally we did. We began to walk towards Angaraveca without hurry, passing between the houses and pastures.

We were lucky enough to get an excellent lift in a truck that took us all to the antennas where the path that connects this sector with the one of Casa del Padre really starts. We stopped for a few seconds to take some photos and thus inaugurate the tour.

The sky was super clear which allowed a very neat view of all the hills and mountains that surrounded us, this made me enjoy the walk even more. I spent the whole trip taking pictures.

The terrain goes from being almost completely flat and open to crossing a forest and bushes where you have to dodge the branchs as you go, and then enter what is known as the route of liberators.

I would describe the place as a part of Mars, the dirt's color is like an intense reddish, formed by small rocks and lots of sandstone that did not provide much traction when walking on it, so you have to be super careful not to slip downhill. During the whole journey the sun didn't give us a break so I tried to cover myself as much as I could with my sweater despite the heat, because I felt that the sunscreen and my cap were simply not enough.

We had a good time "surfing" among this Martian terrain until we came to a more common path with grass and so, from where we could already see our destination.

We walked in front of some very peculiar country houses and by a road of rustic cars that finally led us to the back of the church of Casa del Padre.

It is an icon of the region, it's located at 2,300 meters above sea level and at its base there is a famous landmark for being the point where four towns of Táchira meet: Lobatera, Michelena, Vargas and Andrés Bello, attractive for tourists where they used to enjoy meals, drinks and sweets typical of Táchira, as well as horse riding mainly for children, however I am not sure that this continues to be the case today, because I have not visited it for a long time now.

There we took the opportunity to browse the inside of the church that is not usually open and also to eat and rest.

Mauricio had taken an alternate path from a certain point and that's why he didn't arrive at the same time as us, while we were waiting for him we talked a little with the other people who had gone but we didn't know from before, and some of us also played with my frisbee in a very spacious lot that is right in front of the stairs of the church.

To be continued...

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