Beautiful white tigers that weren't supposed to exist 🐅

in #travel3 months ago

White tigers are very unique and rare because they are born from a rare genetic mutation. They are very popular in entertainment shows and zoos because of their unusual color. Moreover, they have very cute pink paws and noses. Sometimes people call them Bengal tigers. The first white tiger was born in India. There is also one interesting fact about Bengal tigers: they are heavier and grow much faster than ordinary orange tigers.

When I was on Tenerife island a year ago, I was there in Loro Park, saw white tigers and took some amazing photos that you can see below.

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Viewed taxonomically the 'Bengal tiger' (Panthera tigris tigris) is one of several tiger subspecies.
The 'white tiger' is a pigmentation variant of the 'Bengal tiger' (which normally isn't white).

Nice photos!

Thank you @jaki01!