Knysna Heads Beach.

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Knysna Heads Beach.


My wife and I were still on vacation, driving around to various places. We decided to go to a beach, close to the Knysna heads. The Knysna heads is where the Knysna Lagoon and the ocean meet each other.

They have a nice wooden boardwalk, that one can use to access the beach. It is quite a drop from where one parks to the beach, but luckily the boardwalk is in a good condition.


I actually had another beach in mind, but we took the wrong set of stairs and found this small beach, with only one other couple on the beach.

As we walked on the beach, I recognised the man, who was a school friend of mine. Taking in consideration, that we finished school in 1981, and I stay about 1400km away and he and his family also stays in another province, even further away, this is quite the coincidence. What are the chances.


We decided to go for some coffee at a small restaurant close by, the piece of cake below, is what they call a lemon meringue.


This again was a great and enjoyable day.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.