The Roads of the Chukdo Bong Hill in Suncheon City

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Chukdo Bong hill seems to float on the sea. So last name of do means island.



Yes, in many poems written from ancient time, the island was used in metaphor of the life in this world.

If so, Chukdo Bong hill could be a symbol of the savior.

That must be a reason why there were so many ways and alleys in Chukdo Bong hill.


I photographed the ways in the Chukdo Bong.

While photographing, I saw the flowers fallen on the ground.
Even though the flowers were fallen on the ground, they were keeping their dignity and beauty as the messenger of Spring.



Wow such a nice place, feel you were at a wonder land and thanks that you decided to share your wonderful experience with us!


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Thank You @slowwalker I Love the Serene Beauty of These Paths in these Pictures..............

I spent two years in Korea. It is such a beautiful place. Keep taking photos, these are lovely.

beautiful view,great photography sir @slowwalker

a very good view, there is a story of hills and flowers, this flower keeps its self-esteem, this is right and our conclusion must be to maintain our self-esteem, we cannot ask - ask others, thank you for your inspiration.

Beautiful. Looks like the ones you see in fairy tales.

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@slowwalker, Exactly Chukdo Bong Hill is a paradise to me. Outstanding naturalize background seems there. Tree shades brilliant for walking. No wondering why wrote poems used this place. But amazing news is Chukdo Bong hill seems to float on the sea. Final capture most attractive.

What happens on Bong hill? Do we all get stoned. Lifes a garden :)))

Is this all your own photography @slowwalker? If so looks good!

Now that's truly what in the lap of nature means so impressive