we travel and work around the world... WATCH OUR VIDEO to see more about LIFE AMONG MAASAI.

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vlog02.jpgClick here to watch our Youtube Vlog...

We are Sue and Lukas, together we‘re travel and work around the world. We had quit our Jobs sold almost everything we’d owned and started our adventure. We actually don‘t know for how long we‘re gonna be on the road, but we are convinced it is the right thing for us to do. Our goal is not to travel to the most beautiful and astonishing places on the planet, rather to help people on eye level and live life together with them. We want to encounter people with love and no prejudice. Nowadays, were everything is about speed, success and to achieve even more higher goals in life, we want to get slowed down with a new focus on the things in life that really matter. Like the beauty of nature, relationships, helping each other without any conditions in return. The world will teach you skills and lessons, no school could ever do.


We‘ll share our adventure with you and would love to have you on board.


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Welcome to Steem! So glad to have you here as well as found the telegram group. I look forward to your adventures ❤️

thank you very much, Justine. It's a pleasure. !

Welcome to Steem! We are one great big dysfunctional family. Let us know if you have any questions or need any help!

I'm actually really interested to know how that coagulated blood drink tastes.

Welcome, welcome to our great place we call Steem looking forward to you sharing your Travels and Adventures! any questions just let me know!

Hello and very welcome to Steem,
enjoy your journey and much success
Best regards from Thailand 🇹🇭

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thank you, zanoni. I still get to know steem... We're currently in Thailand as well. :-) cheers

Wow, where you stay?
I'm living 8 years in Thailand now, live in Laem Chabang, Chonburi province, 20km north of Pattaya

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sounds great. :-) my uncle lives in pattaya as well since ages and I wanted to get to know him. That's why we're here and he's the one who introduced steem to us. let's get the party started. have a good day, zanoni.

That's really nice, have a good day as well

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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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i like your humor... thank you anyway!

Welcome to steem guys! I checked out your vlog and thought it was pretty epic, if you ever wanted to share your experiences with us on our East African travel blog we would love to have you as a guest submitter

You can find the site here https://www.tripindigo.com/blog/

We would love to promote your work :)

Hi there! we're glad you like our video. Thanks for offering to support us, we would love to submit some of our experience to you guys. We see you’re doing a great job too! What do you suggest to get in contact with you? cheers sue & lukas

Brilliant, You can mail me directly [email protected]

did you get our email? :-)

Yes, I did thank you! I have responded to the mail

Hi I love your content! I left a message on your Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/stracks.adventure) asking if you could confirm it was really you posting on Steem. I would recommend when you get the time to add your steem blog to your other social media sites on your website, or at least mention the steem blog on your facebook or youtube so that curators here on Steem can verify it is really you. We get a lot of people ripping off content and posting it here as their own because of the $ rewards. I hope you understand. Cheers - Carl

dear carl! THANK YOU
I just replied your message on fb! I highly appreciate what you're doing on steem - thanks!! cheers from thailand

Thanks for confirming on FB :) Just leaving this screencap here

Welcome on here brother. I am sure you will enjoy yourself here with great people.


nice shots