Rai Cherntawan, a wonderful International Meditation Center, in Chiang Rai province, in the North of Thailand

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Most people in the big cities face hundreds of problems from waking up in the morning until sleeping at night. (including me).

Therefore, we sometimes would like to avoid this busy lifestyle and look for a place to relax our mind and body and recharge our energy.

I think Rai Cherntawan is the right place for us.

Rai Cherntawan is an International Meditation Center that is situated in Chiang Rai province, in the North of Thailand. It’s a wonderful place with a peaceful atmosphere, especially for us.

Rai means farm

Chern means invite

Tawan means sun

According to our belief (Buddhism), Dharma is like the sun. Cherntawan may imply to “invite Dharma”. When the sun rises, the darkness disappears, or we can say that when we accept Dharma into our mind, all greed and anger will disappear as well.

Cherntawan13 (2).jpg


The most significant building in Rai Cherntawan is "Clay Viharn". It's a very huge building which was built from clay.

Amazing, right?





Another building was built from wood. It's nice-looking.

The woods were carved in big lotus shapes decorating in front of and beside the building.

The giant sculpture that you can see in the far distance is amazing.




The following path with the wooden roof is beautifully decorated with many lanterns in Lanna style - the meaning of dharma is to give eyes or give wisdom to people.






The below photos are the founder of this place.....


Cherntawan17 (2).jpg

The area in Rai Cherntawan is very large. It is surrounded by a lot of trees. These can make the area fresh and cool all year round.


Rich and wonderful nature like these makes Rai Cherntawan a perfect place to relax our mind and recharge our energy to come back to the city life happily.


Hallo @tangmo, how are you?
It's so such a peaceful image off nature. But meditation is something that is sooooo difficult for me to do. I m not the peaceful kind of person hahahaha

Hi! I'm fine! Thanks so much! How about you and your warm family?

Yeah! I love the place because it's peaceful and surroundings with nice nature!

Ah! Although I am "a peaceful kind of person", it's sooo difficult for me to make meditation, too..... Haha! 😁

Many thanks for your nice comment and stopping by. Wishing you and your warm family a wonderful day! 😍

A very nice post, I am reading and looking, the photo of the Buddhist priest reminds me of spirituality, relaxation, tranquility, and those movies in which priests levitate, I love the whole issue of the spiritual.
take care of yourself

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm glad you found the place interesting. I love "the whole issue of the spiritual", too.

Stay safe and healthy, too.! ;)

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