My Top 5 Cities To Discover in Europ

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Europe is a magnificent continent with open borders. I am constantly amazed by the richness of its history and the diversity of its landscapes. And although I have traveled across the continent (already three Interrail trips to my credit) I continue to be surprised with each trip. So today I have decided to share with you some of the pearls that I have discovered while crossing the old continent, with my top 5 original cities to discover in Europe.

1. Brighton (United Kingdom)

I visited the city of Brighton on my trip to the south of England and fell in love with the city. And I must say that it is not really the grandiose aspect of its monuments or the richness of its architecture that seduced me, I even found the city a little sad when I arrived, especially because of the weather Grey.

What appealed to me was its electric and 100% British atmosphere. Brighton is a city that lives at 100 an hour, you have pubs on every corner, shopping alleys full of garlands, walls filled with graffiti more impressive than each other, new cafes that open all weeks ... in short, it's a city on the move. It is the third happiest city in the country, which proves that life is good there.

2. Český Krumlov (Czech Republic)

Český Krumlov is a small town in the south of the Czech Republic which simply has one of the most beautiful town centers I have ever visited. It is also fully listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s the perfect destination to do on a peaceful 2-day stroll around the city to take advantage of its markets and then explore the surroundings to try to find the best view of the castle. FYI, this is where the horror movie "Hostel" was filmed.

Last advice: To my surprise, Český Krumlov is a fairly touristy place and I advise you to get up early in the morning to walk its streets, they are relatively full during the day, especially in summer.

3. Dresden (Germany)

Dresden must surely be one of my favorite cities in Germany and it is often forgotten in favor of Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. However, it has a lot of assets to please all travelers who are a little curious. The city was devastated during the war but its historic center, the Altstadt, has been rebuilt almost identically, which gives it a very unique aspect between tradition and modernity. Neustadt, the new city is quite different, this is where you will find the murals as well as the famous musical house which makes music as soon as the rain falls.

The overall feel of the city is a bit hip, with small cafes and alternative bars around the corner. But it is also very clean and soothing, making it an ideal destination for a city break of a few days.

4. Henningsvær (Norway)

I will now tell you about one of my favorites in Norway: Henningsvær. A small fishing village made up of red houses on stilts aligned one behind the other facing a huge mountain with a snowy summit ... in fact I could try to describe it to you for hours that I could not transcribe the magic of this location.

The village is notably known for having one of the most beautiful soccer fields in the world, practically embedded in stone on one of the small islets that make up the village.

5. Galway (Ireland)

During my trip to Ireland I had the opportunity to discover the very festive city of Galway. When I say "festive", it's because the city hosts nearly 100 festivals per year. Its city center is also full of pubs more typical than the others and which transform into mini concert halls in the evening for many traditional music groups who come to set the mood.

The city is also very cute, it is quite small (almost 80,000 inhabitants) so you can go around in 2 days easily. The main advantage is that you are at the gates of Connemara and it is therefore the perfect opportunity to visit the famous lakes.

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