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Often overlooked, but voted No. 1 in the “Best of the World” in 2015 by National Geographic, the Faroe Islands look like a mountain range that has been deposited on the ocean. Made up of 18 islands, with pristine and rugged landscapes, it is an autonomous archipelago, attached to the kingdom of Denmark.

80,000 sheep for 50,000 inhabitants, these figures make it easier to imagine the isolated character of these islands located between Iceland and Norway, cultivating their myth of inaccessibility. These islands are a real discovery; that is why I wanted to share with travelfeed readers the best 9 Faroe islands if you are thinking of going there!

1. Gásadalur


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Simply unavoidable place! Located in the northwest of the island of Vágar, this village has long been isolated and has only been connected by road since the beginning of the 2000s. The view of this village, crossed by a river which eventually flows from the top of the cliffs, is simply breathtaking! On the road, be sure to stop at the village of Bøur and then take the time to hike to Tindhólmur!

2. Sørvágsvatn


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Still on Vagar Island, this lake is world famous: an optical illusion gives the impression that it is perched above the ocean. It is reached after a short 45 min walk. After a while the path splits in two: the first part gives access to this famous location, the second allows you to go to the end of the lake.

3. Tjørnuvík & Saksun


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The two villages not to be missed! They are both located in the north of the island of Vágar. Tjørnuvík is reached by a road along the cliff. The village is then nestled at the bottom of a fjord. Remember to stop on the road to admire the magnificent Fossá waterfall, one of the highest in the region.

The village of Saksun is located on the other side. This village is completely isolated, with its few thatched houses and facing a cove, it feels like you are looking at a real postcard. Besides, for fans of the Lord of the Rings, it looks like it is mistaken for The Hobbits (good news: no need to go to New Zealand!).

4. Tórshavn & Kirkjubøur


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Welcome to Tórshavn, one of the smallest capitals in the world with 15,000 inhabitants only. Its historic district (Tinganes) composed of thatched houses, its Ministry of Economy and Transport as well as its parliament, made up of 33 deputies! This place is also steeped in history, since it was here that the Vikings assemblies were held 1,200 years ago!

South of Tórshavn is the charming village of Kirkjubøur, including the oldest wooden house in the world to be still inhabited (1,100 years old).

5. The Cliffs of Vestmanna


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The cliffs are reached by boat through the village of Vestmanna. The boat will take you to the feet of these cliffs which overhang the ocean from their 600/700 meters height! The spectacle, which is sometimes mixed with fog and in particular hundreds of birds, is breathtaking!

6. Gjógv


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The name of this village means "Ravine" in Faroese. Located in the north of the archipelago, the village is indeed crossed by a spectacular flaw.

7. Trøllanes


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It is located north of the island of Kalsoy; accessible by boat. The road to the north of the island is incredible, It is recommend that you stop first at the village of Mikladalur and be interested in the legend of this place.

Then continue the road to the village of Trøllanes. Have a coffee at the tiny "Kiosk at the End of the World".

Then launch an assault on the peninsula to the Kallur lighthouse. The view is breathtaking and overlooks the ocean 500 meters high!

8. Kirkja


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One of the most isolated places! This island is served by a small boat, the only link with the main islands for the inhabitants of the two villages that live there.

Take the boat (about 10 euros) from Hvannasund to get there. At certain times of the year it is possible to cross this island on foot and then take the boat again, depending on the times. The excursion is superb and little known.

9. Viðareiði


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Another village at the end of the world, located at the very North of the island of Viðoy! Renowned as haunted, this village is (despite this) simply superb. A hiking trail allows you to take on the mountain that overlooks the village. You can follow the marked path.

You can then continue to the cliff at Cape Enniberg, the tallest in Europe, it seems. However, it is formally not recommended (prohibited?) To venture there without a guide.

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