On the way back home.

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I feel like it is time to get into travel blogging. When I was on steemit I would want to do traveling but never had the means. As time goes on I want to do more and more travel posts. For now it will be illinois and iowa but in the future it will open to more places so keep on watching you wont know where I show up next. I stayed for a few more days and got to see more things from a distance, one day when covid goes away I will see these places up in person. It was beautiful for what it was. A storm came through IA while I was there so I got to see the snow completely devour everything. A 5-10 inches of snow blanketed everything and the usual illinoisian winter was boring because I am seeing everything brand new. Everything looks more brighter.

The snow consumed everything.


While beautiful could be very dangerous with a snowjet


The town I was staying in was Dubuque, IA. Here is a few places I got to see on my trip. No great details pictures for now. It is right on the illinois and iowa border. Right next to the Mississippi

Bluff overlooking downtown Dubuque


Dubuque Town Clock, built in 1873.

Just look at this incredible photo! Originally on top of a building, but got moved to the town clock plaza in the 70s. This is the mainstreet of Dubuque

William M. Black steam powered ship

It's part of the Mississippi River Museum. They had to cut 11 feet off the side to get it into the harbor, then weld it back together, I am definitely going to go back to this museum and check it out in the future

4th Street Elevator

I really cannot believe how small this elevator is. I think its silly that it is like this. I mean it is quite the view with all of that snow.

Dubuque Court House

The old world design of this courthouse is divine

The trip back home.

While Dubuque is an amazing place with a ton of historical views and places to see. I had to take the dreaded trip back home to my boring area... Suburbs 🤢 jking it isnt THAT bad. It is I just have been here so long that it is to similar so it is nice to see new things. I will eventually bring the beauty to this blog.

On the Cleo side of things she has recovered greatly and she is pretty keen to return back home. She is kinda skinny though. cat.jpg

I loaded up cleo got into a car, and sped my way over back to home going through hills and planes getting my last bits of Dubuque before I came back to my home. The trip was basic about what might happen with politics today. We heard about the people rushing into the capitol building and we were thinking about the next step of this nation. On the way I got a bit of mcondalds and while its not the greatest it got the hunger out of my system. I soon returned back home to where I am right now. I finally got back home and this post is a result of this. I will be making another post about some video games I am playing with a livestream tommorrow so look forward to that.

Well that's all I have for now it was a nice trip but now I am back here at my house in the wonderful suburbs.

ass 2.jpg

You guys have a wonderful night! Goodbye


Supporting the good content :)

@tipu curate

Incredible pictures of beautiful places I would like to visit someday, and I loved Cleo! Good post!:)

Come visit, its so nice and peaceful. Thank you. Cleo will appreciate that and thank you for the love!

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