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We are proud to introduce you to V2X.Finance in today’s article. What is V2X? How does it work? When does it launch? We have all the answers to your questions and much more – so let’s dig in shall we?


V2X is the newest Yield farming platform on the TRON blockchain. It is a collaboration between two amazing platforms – T2Xtoken.io and VoidX. With their combined efforts they aim to take the concept of yield farming and push it to the next level!


V2X will have a built in Dividends system on all V2X engines and a collective Multi Token Dividends Pool for the S-V2X-TRX Engine. What does that mean? Simply put you will have the chance to earn double with V2X. Let’s see how exactly it’s going to work:

You will be able to mine V2X tokens when you stake your coins into one of their initially available mining engines:

Furthermore you can then provide liquidity to JustSwap’s trading pair TRX/V2X with your mined V2X tokens. That will generate you S-V2X tokens, which can be staked at the S-V2X-TRX mining engine. By doing that you will then start earning a share of the Multi Token Dividends Pool of the S-V2X-TRX Mining Engine. If you are confused already here is a summary of how it all works:


The upcoming project doesn’t only impress with it’s multiple next generation mining/farming engines – their tokenomics are also made to last for years!

  • Total Supply: 100 000 V2X tokens
  • Mining Max Supply: 87 600 V2X tokens
  • Mining/Farming Rate: 10 V2X per hour
  • Mining Duration until max supply: 8760 hours (1 year)
  • Promo, Devs, Marketing and Other Expenses share: 12.4% (12 400 V2X)


Entry and Exit Fees for the V2X Mining Engines:

  • Every Entry to the V2X Mining Engines will have a 10% Entry Fee
  • Every Exit from the V2X Mining Engines will have a 10% Exit Fee

All V2X Mining Engine Entry and Exit Fees will:

  • Drop 5% instantly to the current miner of that Engine
  • Send 5% to a linked Dividends Pool of the S-V2X-TRX Mining Engine


  • All V2X Miners in the S-V2X-TRX Mining Engine will share the V2X Dividends Pool which will be dripping 5% of its total each day.


As soon as V2X is live and the mining has started, the developers will satack and lock an equal amount of their TRX and V2X tokens to JustSwap. That will create the trading pair V2X/TRX and allow users to add V2X tokens, which they mine, to the liquidity pool.

By doing that users will then receive S-V2X-TRX tokens as rewards and those as discussed above can then be used to join the S-V2X-TRX Mining Engine and start earning a share from the Multi Token Dividends.

Furthermore V2X plans on adding 5 more Mining Engines in the future. That will happen in periods – one new Token Engine will be released every 1460 Hours (2months). This will bring the number of total mining agents on the V2X.finance platform to 10 after 10 months with a final mining period of 1460 hours to mine the last V2X tokens.

After the mining ends, token holders will still be able to profit from the hourglass style dividends pools and also from the multi token dividends from the S-V2X-TRX mining engine.


After the success of T2X and VoidX – we can certainly expect a huge success of their newest platform – V2X.Finance. The tokenomics are built to last years, the developers are trusted and the earning possibilities are endless. We can’t wait for the release on the 10th of September and will certainly keep you updated of its progress! Thanks for checking out our article and remember to always do you own research before investing anywhere.

Let us know what you think of V2X in the comments!


Official Website: http://v2x.finance/
Official Telegram: https://t.me/V2XToken
Official Twitter T2X: https://www.twitter.com/T2XToken
Official Telegram VOID: https://t.me/VOIDXBOSS

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

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