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best regard. follow back me. thanks

A very good service. Feel free to turn my posts into speech!


Isn't this essentially spamming?

that's why steem has "mute" and "block" functions

How is this spam? It's a really cool service if you ask me; (which you didn't), I personally appreciate it on my posts for exactly the reasons stated above. Somebody might just scroll through one of my articles just to pop a vote and then go, then they see that and they might listen to it, thus widening my audience :-)

Anyway, opinions are like bum holes, we all have one! :-)


@cryptogee As I understood, @cryptonfused was talking about a comment by ajaa23, not post by tts :)

Oh yes! Of course, yes that is definitely spam :-)


Ah ha! Thank you for this useful info!

I tend to try not to use the flag feature except in the worst cases of spam but if you don't like something or feel like something is completely spam, such as the above comment adding nothing of value just flag it

follow back me. thanks

I see you are active in the field of charity.
and you often give 100% upvote to others.
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does @skorek's master not give you 100% of your suaplra to my post my self?
I will be very happy sir @skorek do it.
because it is very valuable to me.
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Can you send me a Voice link for my posts?

thanks for your support with my knee fund.

Stop. While I enjoyed this service in the beginning, I am tired of seeing this on every single one of my posts. Please Stop. Thanks.

You also provide an archive of posts as they were written within those first few minutes. I once had half of a post disappear a day after I posted it (site glitch?) and was able to use your recording to transcribe the part that has been lost. I've been upvoting your comments ever since.

Now that’s a cool feature I didn’t know existed.
Here I was going to wish this user Merry Christmas to cheer him up and instead I find something useful to cheer me up. Talk about instant good Karma...

Great innovation @tts. So, how do you select posts to convert to speech? If I want you to convert some or all my posts to speech, how can I make that happen?

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It would be a great service outside Steemit as well. I for one create educational content and script everything filmed into text... this would be a great help to me. And if you designed a platform that did create these from video, it would be a great advantage to DTube over YouTube.

Please notify me if you get this aspect working!

esto funciona ya? o es para un futuro?

is that function already possible?

any updates?

You should really edit your text to something more relevant than "Introduction"

You are totally right. If it wasn't because they out of nowhere popped in here telling me about this new feature, I would have never know about them. Even in this post there is only 1 tag...

Good for you for giving proper support to them. They clearly need a little bit of advises on how to get known in this platform, because what they are offering is quite cool actually.

As far as I know, the only promotion they are doing is leaving comments on people's posts announcing they converted it into an audio, and while this is ok, I think there are better ways for them to get noticed.

Really cool!

Very interesting service. As mentioned by some other suers, the speech can be faster, quite slow now. Also, how do you plan to make TTS available? I would think this shall be user controlled rather then you deciding what posts to convert and post the audio file as a comment. I may like to listen to posts when eg driving my car, and prefer to read the post when I'm at my desk.

Why dont you upvote posts? You just comment and ask for upvote and never upvote anyone?

I would be very interested in this feature. please keep us updated! Thank you.

are you open-source?
i would love to see how it works "under the hood" ^_^

Agreed! I'd love to see the code :-)

Me too!!!


Well, I guess I'll just flag each of your comments on my posts since you won't stop your bot.

Did you try commenting STOP on their audio comments?

Love this idea. I'm in the process of doing it for my non Steemit blog so am really interested in seeing how it develops here. It's a service I'd be willing to pay for or delegate to

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Amazing work...

@tts Please consider my posts for conversion, esp. sci-fi microfiction: . Keep up the great service:)

I love this. I saw you translated someone's post to speech about Christ as Cryptocurrency

Just found out about your existance. Very useful tool that I actually love!
Thank you for chosing to upvote my post

Your welcome to @ireneblessing your services are great

I really enjoyed listening to my post! Thank you! UPvoted and followed with pleasure! 😉 🐴 🍍

I follow you!

Nice service!
You are invited to visit my articles. :-)


Great initiative. Can't wait till it's fully developed.

you are welcome to post audio on my posts

A busy life often means that people do not have time to do all the reading

I find it too slow, please speed it up or link to reader that allow speed change.

Yeah, being able to change parameters would be cool. Possibly having a steemit associated site like Not sure how that works exactly though.

That’s an excellent idea for some of the longer blogs to hear the audio.

I received a comment with the audio recording, except it was for my last article, not the article that the comment was made on. Hope this message helps!

I heard your audio in another post!! I convert TTS all the time to listen to stuff while working. What program and voice do you use? You are giving posts much more added value!! Upvoted and following!

You can do my posts if you want.

This is fantastic, you just put the audio tool on my other page @aflfantasy and it works a treat :)

Please apply to my posts.

Seems like a great idea!! Upboted and Resteemed! Now we need some backers!

How do you decide what posts you comment on? Is there a way to request the bot?

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I love the idea. Please feel free to convert my recent and upcoming posts to speech! : )

Pretty cool
Is there anyway I could get this as a regular basis and have some 'creative control'?
the story you did for me had a male used a female voice.

 5 years ago  Reveal Comment

Is there a way to use this feature everytime?

 5 years ago  Reveal Comment

That is Amazing!!!! Would love to have it on all my posts :)!!!!

not bad idea

Great idea! I hope that the voice quality also gets better with time.

Absolutely love this! i was thinking of suggestion something very similar on
if you need more upvotes you should share this bot on utopian, I'm sure you'll get a lot of appreciation and support! So how exactly do i use the bot on my post?

Wow this is new , how are you going to do that, Im interested to join this.. How can I be part of your group? Or how will my post be selected on this?

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