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Welcome to all the new memebers of our
HIVE and TUNZ communities!

It's great to have all of these new memebers in our community! Team work makes the dream work, and we need this more than ever during a bear market!

@Eijffelbridge @modagalleries @kamrisgloks56 @rickyslayer152 @mfarinato @yonilkar @capitanofficial @craftystats @cryptothesis @groove-logic @bloodyaxe @pedrobrito2004 @khuc @dreloop07 @samuel-swinton @spearhead1976 @digitalopus @synergized @arcange @chrisfromgreece @agussudaryanto @uakulinar @medse @andy0595 @mriglesias @carrieallen @themcgwire @lucimorningstar @joseacabrerav

You are now Whitelisted to use the https://nfttunz.io platform to Mint, Buy and Sell your Music, as well as other multimedia NFT items.

Music is the main cateogry on the Tunz which enables the user to mint whatever they create for their followers and fans. mp3 and WAV files are all acceptable paired with a JPEG or PNG for your artwork.


Here are 3 other ways in which you can use TUNZ for your Collectible NFTs.
  1. You can Mint Fan Tokens (think of a subscription kind of service where you drop NFTs into your fan's Hive wallet)
  2. You can mint Video clips up to 300mb which can include GIFs too @stickupboys
  3. You can even mint an event ticket in the form of an NFT for a gig, show or contest, @music-community could benefit from this greatly!

Music NFT's on the TUNZ platform can be minted in any quantity you like and be sold for whatever price you like.
This freedom of movement is giving YOU the artist total control of your music. We at TUNZ host your music NFT'S and only take a 10% fee on all sales which is used to run the platform, marketing and further developments, like album creations and even, auctions.
The only upfront cost to mint is 0.001 Hive tokens (a crypto currency) which works out at around $0.0006 at today's price, per edition minted. This cost is absolutely nothing compared to centralised distribution deals. Now this may sound like a foreign language to some Non-Crypto or total NFT Newbies, but believe me, once you enter this world of blockchain, crypto and NFTs, a whole new Web3 experience will open up to you, and in turn, increase your network ten fold.

Collectible ~ Scarce ~ Tokenized Music

Discord - http://discord.gg/bzNyKVrtbK


Nice, this is exciting! !PIZZA

really cool, thank you

Good! Thanks!


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Thank you for the mention.
I wanted to log in to your website from my mobile but there is no option to do so.
It would be nice to implement HiveAuth support. Feel free to contact me if you need help doing so.

thank you 😄