How to help Turkiye to recover from the earthquake

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Turkey is hit by devastating earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.8, and 7.4. There are a lot of casualties and injured people.

I cannot go to the field directly since I am really far away to the region. If you're the same and want to contribute in some way; there are three legit local organizations accepting donations:


One of the most active voluntary organization to provide equipment and food for the people in need. They accept bank transfers in TRY, USD, EUR. (Turkish)

  • AKUT

Voluntary search, assist, and rescue organization. TRY, EUR, USD bank transfers are supported. Also possible to donate via credit cards. (English)

  • AFAD

Turkey's official disaster and emergency management organization. Bank transfers with TRY, EUR, USD are supported. (Turkish)

(If you do a bank transfer, receiver name should be "T.C. İçişleri Bakanlığı Afet ve Acil Durum Yönetimi Başkanlığı")


@incublus also started a post at HIVE. He will transfer the donations and liquid post rewards to the AHBAP. That way you can also support via upvotes or HIVE/HBD donations.

I'm also doing personal contributions to AHBAP. Hope HIVE folk at Turkey is all okay. Wishing every effected people a speedy recovery.


The following tweet of Haluk Levent, the founder of Ahbap organization has also wallet adresses for the donations. These addresses will be active for a week and all thenmoney activities will be open to public.

ERC20 Network Transfers:

BEP20 Network Transfers:

Avalanche Network Transfers:

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We Indians love you Turkey. Our deep heartfelt condolences to the families. More air ambulances are on the way. Our answer to the prayers are also on the way too... Everything will be alright soon.

Thanks mate!

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Allah herkesin yardımcısı olsun. Bir daha böyle bir felâket yaşatmasın

Yakınlarını kaybedenlere Allah'tan rahmet yaralı depremzedelere de acil şifalar diliyorum.. İnşallah tüm Türkiye olarak bu felaketini en az kayıplarla atlatırız..

İnşallah arkadaşım

İnşAllah bu afetin yaralarını biran önce sarabiliriz.🇹🇷🤲😔

Yay! 🤗
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Allah orada herkesin yardımcısı olsun inşallah 🤲🥺 Acımız çok büyük 😔

Rabbim yardimcilari olsun. Elimizden birşey gelmiyor. :(

Now this in it self is some genuine help broh!!

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