Impudence is the second happiness. Excessive rewards. Vote for itself.

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I was shocked for what ????

And even more so it votes for itself, with all its pages.

People did not delegate to you in order for you to earn.

And not a single flag suits everyone.

I will monitor every day and write posts so that everyone is comfortable.

Maybe someone will find a good whale which will flag such posts.

Remember you are breaking the pool with your awards.

This person has a bunch of pages and for each such awards.

If anyone is interested, I can tell.


Do you expect rewards for continual moaning? It's not going to happen.

I am writing the truth.
And I don't lick my ass like you so that you don't put flags.
I as I wrote and will write, and you can put flags.
And I’ll check your blog, don’t worry.

And I’ll check your blog, don’t worry.

No worries..., if you want to flag my content then do as you please with your stake, as I will with mine.

I think it is more about the trending page and the promotion of rewarded authors.
I do not hide the fact that this entry from $ 40 shines in the eyes😉

The bottom line is that he votes for his post with a vote of 8 million.
And he does not even blush, and so all the posts.
But there are artists, photographers, and no one votes for their posts.

This is true. It's the fucking truth. There are a lot of great hive artists who barely make 1$. I bet you won't see too many comments here. You know why? People are afraid to speak up because they lose even that 1$..

I agree .
Yes, many are afraid to say a word that they are against such high awards.
Since they will then be flagged and displaced from the platform.
But I will write about it.

I believe all those rewards are paid out to the people at ocd who spend a lot of time looking for quality content to vote on.

Maybe @acidyo can add some more details.

This does not mean that you need to vote for your posts. I don't see anything difficult in this.
And those people can write posts and tell about the work done.
I can search for you underrated posts for free.
Thank you .

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