Time flies

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Time flies

Exactly a week ago I was in my hometown, sitting at the table with my daughter, her hubby and my mom celebrating late Mother's Day and my early birthday. It feels like an eternity has gone by since my little vacation. And it wasn't enough!!! Ah, okay, I know and I'm thankful... (still not enough...) Do you know how I feel? For the first time since the beginning of the war, Kyiv annoys me. My apartment, familiar streets, supermarkets, lots of cars, daily routines - everything is annoying. I try to take unusual routes when walking and change my scheduler a little. It's not for long. Very soon, everyday life will drag me back.


When my friend said today is Wednesday I didn't believe him. How? When? As I said, as soon as I return to work there will be no time for anything. Luckily, I finished editing my photos on past weekend, so now I can just use them here in my post. I want you to see this small town through my eyes and feel its charm because it did surprise me.

So. These are photos I captured with my camera, I mean with DSLR camera :) In case you didn't see any difference, LOL.


Old Church.


Museum of the church. Was closed.




Two old stone chrosses. The one on the right is the only surviving from the first cemetery that was organized near the church.



I think less about my future and listen to my body more often. Sometimes, it seems that things are better, and I'm so glad, and then it worse again. You know what is the worst thing when something hurts? To get used to living with this pain.


The small mountain on the right is Magura. I visited this town before, only once, ages ago. When Nat was a small kid. Back then, I was like an animal that grew up in captivity and then suddenly became free. I didn't know myself, didn't know what to appreciate and how. On my first visit, I climbed the mountain, up to the top and down. That's all my memories. :D :D




After many years I learned to live each day. Hope so. And maybe it's not too late. It's never too late. My granny has been through so much in her long. Her last years were ... pain and suffering, and she often said "I wish I die sooner". My father passed at the age ... just a few years elder than I am now. I was around. Their experience taught me that no one wants to die, no matter what.

This is a local cemetery, by the way. It goes down from the hill to the main road. Nat and I ascended to see the view. We could walk up the street, but the local streets are confusing and don't always follow the map (or rather the map doesn't follow the streets). Sometimes you have to go through someone's yard or garden. You see a trodden path, there is no one around, and you do not know whether you can pass or not.


As I said, I met Spring twice. In the mountains, the trees are just beginning to blossom, while down below they are already completely green and blooming.



Kyiv is safer now, and not because Russia stopped shelling us but because of a better defense - thanks to our AF and all countries that continue helping. Be that as it may, we have adapted, got used to curfew, to disruptions - in the quality of services, in the range of goods and medicines. To limitations like "NO PHOTO/VIDEO" and all such.

The funny thing is that I left in spring and returned right into the summer.


At the photo, in the center is the building of the central post office, built with elements of the traditional Hutsul style somewhere in Soviet times.


But the most important thing in my life is waiting for our counter-offensive. "The first rule of the counteroffensive is to not talk about the counteroffensive." But we can think of it. 🙂


Fancy balcony. Like a small house on the bigger one.


Another cultural layer.



This is the bridge where Nat and I made a "jumping series" of photos. Its steps are narrow and uneven and it makes it a bit creepy.



But the view!... No, I really like this view. A train is almost a romance...


Here, it's a super-duper modern train! As for Ukraine, hehe. Just 3 cars. A woman was passing by and I asked where is it going. She said it runs only on weekends.

Meanwhile, the train driver also noticed us and pressed the horn. Is it for me? Means, for us? I waved at him, and he waved back, smiled, and sounded the horn again. Yes :D It was so nice!



Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary.

Well, I am afraid this is all my story for today. I hope next time my story will be less like a kaleidoscope and more like a coherent text. It's a crazy week as always after a break. But I prefer to be a busy bee than to be alone with my thoughts.



Thank you so much for reading and viewing, for your support and engagement. It really means a lot to me ❤️

See you around,



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It's so beautiful there, it looks like a storybook village. I hope you enjoyed the time away and it restored a little bit of peace in your life.

Oh, I miss my time there very much. Hope to have a chance for another few days this year.
Thank you for checking it, and hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Nothing wrong with kaleidoscope, bit of random here and there, that's exactly what we need in life to keep things less boring.

Your hometown now so beautiful and peaceful, may that extend to the rest of the country very soon.

Take care @zirochka 💕

Thanks so much! ❤


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After many years I learned to live each day

Yeah I totally agree with you, live and enjoy each days as it comes as no one knows tomorrow

Thanks for sharing ma’am 😃

Society pushes us to be in pursuit of something all the time. Goals, deadlines. And no one but ourselves will make sure that there is a balance in life.

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That is a beautiful town, I am glad to hear you have a good time with your daughter.
I fish near a RR bridge and when the train goes by, I can see the engineer, we wave at each other, then he lays on the horn. It always makes me smile.

Isn't that what we call happiness consists of such small but pleasant moments? 😉❤️

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I left my last girlfriend because she wouldn’t stop counting.
I wonder what she’s up to now.

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what beautiful views of your country away from the city. I am a country boy myself and much prefer to be away from the crowds and the noise of big cities, good to visit as a traveller but not to live in.

Slava Ukraini

am a country boy myself and much prefer to be away from the crowds and the noise of big cities

same here, although I am not a country person, so maybe it's just the age :) a big advantage of travels is that at the end, you return to your comfortable place of living.


yes that is true very true.


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What a beautiful little town! Thank you for sharing the photos.

Thank you for checking my post! ❤️

Beautiful town, I love the buildings and everything

I am glad to hear that 😊