Voting intention by housing tenure

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YouGov has done some interesting polling where they ask their polling panel their housing status (own outright, own with a mortgage, private renting or social renting). Here is what they found:


The Conservatives lead with those who own outright, but lag with everyone else, especially with those who have mortgages (unsurprisingly due to mortgage interest rate rises).

They way YouGov have presented the data makes you think these are groups of equal size (i.e. they each represent 25% of the population).

However this is not the case. The English Housing Survey breaks down housing status as follows:

Outright owners: 35%
Own with mortgage: 29%
Private renters: 19%
Social renters: 16%

It follows then that if the Conservatives can convert the 18% of outright owners who say "Don't know" into voting Tory, the next election becomes very close.


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