Ulog # 1: How to be More Inspired to Succeed

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Recently, a lot has changed in my life quickly and drastically. This includes even the ones close to me. My life has been in a positive trip lately, and although I am utterly grateful and happy about it, it still saddens me how two of my closest friends are going through some difficulties I can't totally help them out of. Still, that's just how life seems to be truly unfair. The least I could do is share that light of positiveness I have so much of to these friends and to all of you reading this now.

The past recent years, I was with a lot of toxic people who sucked the hell out of my drive to pursue my goals by drowning me with alcohol, feeding me lies to keep for them, and dragging me into unnecessary drama of their own I shouldn't be any part of. My life was then a vague series of ambitiousness without that one element that makes the word ambitious seem optimistic rather than a hopeless dream, and that was the drive to just do whatever it is that has and is wished to be done.

First of all, what does success really mean?

Success has no general measurement for all people. It is this one thing an individual can decide for themselves. It could be a simple accomplishment like finally washing the dishes or getting promoted in your job. Either way, it deserves to be acknowledged or celebrated.

Many people have this trouble of seeing their goals as they should really be seen. Some think their goals are too small to be even called a goal and several also find their goals way too unrealistic. You see, as long as your "small" goal feels like it is going to make you happy once reached, then that's big enough of a force to be reconsidered and as long as your goal isn't something like turning into an actual cat, then just put your mind into it and all that hard work you'll input will be worth it in the end.

That is the first step in attracting success. With that peaceful perspective of what success is, you will be easily at peace with yourself while focusing more on how to actually get there than constantly questioning whether you should do it in the first place or not which doesn't even get you halfway through your destination.

Getting out of the shallow waters

Now, when you are all set to go on with achieving your dreams, then you should of course swim out of the shallow waters into the deep to find greater things. Now, this means a lot of things in this whole matter of succeeding.

First of all, this means that whatever it is you're in that feels meaningless, you should evacuate from it and search deeper waters that could take you to places. This means that relationships, usually friendships that seem to be built out of shallow foundations should be questioned and worked on. You could try to make something out of such a shallow relationship, but if it really is hopeless then you should have the guts to cut ties with these people who may be affecting your progress in life in general negatively.

Friendships like this seem fun and normal, but once you feel like it's dragging you out of your own zone which is that motivated area of your life, then that's when you know you really have to move on from that and grow up. Maturity is much needed if you really want to go deeper in life, for it is that state wherein you are able to finally accept that not all things are good for you, thus it is necessary that you face the consequences of it with courage and open-mindedness.

We are all interactive beings, hence the importance of checking the health of our interactions once in awhile, as they greatly influence our individuality in vast ways. Now, when you've finally set yourself swimming into deeper and deeper connections with others, you also start building a more meaningful system within yourself which is how it all works. See, when I started surrounding myself more with people who are driven and passionate about what they want to achieve and do, I have begun to be also challenged to dare myself break off my stagnant state of laziness.

See, it feels good when you are surrounded with people who have such a zest for life or at least in certain parts of it. It may seem like too outwards your own zone but like what I said, we are all interactive, thus all our beings our wired to each other consciously or not.

Opening yourself up

I have always had this trouble with opening myself to others, and apparently it really is a big deal. Why? Because without that entry to your soul, you fail to create strong and solid energies around you that you and other people could gain positiveness from.

You don't have to share everything to people, but you should be able to open parts of yourself that needs to be put out there. Psychologically, there are a bunch of things we humans have to share to others from good to bad memories or experiences. This is because keeping everything to ourselves is very damaging not only to ourselves but to the people around us.

Of course, you can't and don't just open yourself up to anyone, and that is why getting out of the shallow waters is important in this process. With the right people around you, the things you wish to talk about are properly addressed and even solved if they need so.

Opening yourself up to people is the best way of communicating, for it truly is an interpersonal thing with both parties feeling comfortable with sharing things to each other--a productive outcome of interacting and an education that is even greater than anything you could learn within walls of a classroom.

Tuning yourself

Now, since you are all set to swim deeper into the currents no matter how strong they may be with the best people for you, then you will eventually find yourself loving yourself more. Loving yourself doesn't mean being narcissistic. It is doing things for yourself because you know you deserve them, they work well for you, and that it is simply about time you do it. We are so quick to judge ourselves as selfish at times as if we even truly think of ourselves. To be honest, we lack that mindfulness of our own welfare no matter how self-absorbed many people may call us.

This is because we think that putting ourselves first is merely about our own business when the real picture is that it is putting our own interests above others while empathizing with theirs at the same time. This creates a better understanding of not just what goes on with others but within ourselves which we may relate together. This is important because with this, we become more in touch of ourselves and the nature around us. We then become actually inspired and well-tuned to do great. This is exactly what the world needs too, a better understanding of what it really means to love yourself and the relevance of empathy. I say, it is the ultimate source of genuine and unbreakable inspiration.