ULOG #009: Can't Do Nothing To Ease Her Pain - I am so Useless!

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Hi everyone, I am really very sad and in pain as of this moment. I am lost on what to do to help my wife ease the pain that she is currently dealing with right now. My wife is suffering from shingles almost a week now and I can’t even do anything just to ease her pain.


Shingles is a type of virus that comes from the family of chicken pox. When you’ve had chicken pox in the past then most likely you are prone to develop shingles when your immune system is too weak. Although shingles is non lethal, the pain this virus produce will surely pissed you off.


it started with this little spots.


this is the shingles now.

Yesterday, we went to a public hospital’s derma clinic to ask for help on how to cure this virus. The hospital’s outpatient department opens at 7am, we went there 6:20am only to find out that the line is already long. We lined up and we were finally accommodated by a physician around 9am. We have no choice, private derma clinic’s check up fee is so dear and we only have limited money. Doctor gave her prescription that costs $14/day and the medication will last for 7 days which has a total of almost a 100 bucks. I was so exhausted when I realized that the medication will cost us a lot of money. I don’t know where to get the money to buy the medicines since I just paid half of our debt using our savings and I am left with only an ample amount. I am still clueless on what to do but I will find ways to sustain the medication of my wife.




Seeing my wife suffering from so much pain makes me cringe. I am always praying, wishing that the pain she is experiencing will hopefully transfer to me so she can be set free from all the struggles she is in right now. I can’t help but blame myself for having no ability to help her in times like this. I can only look at her always crying in deep pain as she tries to get some help looking at me helplessly. It crashes my heart seeing her suffer. I don’t know what to do. I am clueless. Useless. Sigh!




If you have an idea of any alternative way to heal this disturbing virus please help me. I am in desperation now for any alternative solution to this problem because I really can’t take it looking at her anymore suffering the pain. Please if you have any idea, share it in the comments below. I will really appreciate it.



Thank you so much po @pinay. babasahin ko talaga to.

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