Why are you still voting for netuoso ?

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He hasn't done any work for months on either vessel or on hive and yet he is still getting 3000 hbd every fricking week. Just look at this:


On vessel between may and now he wrote about 200 lines of code, for a feature (saving account support) that wasn't even released, and during that timespan he was paid 150 HBD per day, that's more or less 45hbd per line of code. A bargain for the hive community !

An even worse offender is his blockchain development proposal:


Last time he EVER did anything, and I'm not even talking about code, last time he ever wrote a comment, opened an issue or whatever, was 3 months ago ! And the only activity he opened that month was say "oh this isn't working" about a library, then you have to go to 4/5 month ago to find any kind of meaningful activity.

Even on his hive account, he made one post about atomic swaps but obviously didn't do anything about it apart from those two posts to get people to vote him. and apart from that no news until may.

Why are you still supporting him paying him about 12 000 hbd per month when he is clearly not doing anything ?

Oh and if that wasn't enough for you, most of those 12 000 hbd are added as sell pressure :

Ps: The above might also convince you to unvote him as a witness, I know I don't want a leech as a witness.

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I upvoted and reblogged this, not because I necessarily 100% agree with this, but these discussions are important. @netuoso may have done all sorts of work, but there is no visibility in it, and that needs to change.

There's no visibility because there's no work.
I'd love to be proven wrong as he's a good software engineer, but he is just not putting the hours. He'll come up with some bullshit saying "I've been working on an update and I'm just about to release it" which is his default answer whenever he's questioned about it by the likes of @therealwolf then he will continue not doing anything.

If he was actually putting in work, why would he not report about it, or at least push the code to the repositories ? Assuming he was actually coding, there is literally no reason for him to be holding off 4 month worth of work and not be writing anything about what's he's working on.

The lack of accountability and entitlement is amazing. Only in crypto.

You think this sort of thing only happens in crypto? I suppose the rest of the world is a pure heaven.

It was more of a turn of phrase, but yeah...


Fair point,

This is why I disagreed with Justineh getting 30K - there was her assertion that she did all that work, no actual proof of it.

Sshhhhhh...I'm about to put a proposal in for work I've done....because I told you I have...

THat's the next level isn't it?!?

He did end up getting his proposals unvoted, I don't think there's been any response yet!

I have a $5,000 dollar invoice sat here - for work on twitter - where do I send it?....

You should make this comment a post. Just don't forget to tag it 'DAO'.

In fact we should all do that!

We had the "Steemit stake" which could be misused. Now we have the proposal system instead and should be careful that it won't be misused (for personal enrichment without appropriate service in return) again.

I say that in general as I cannot judge how much @netuoso is currently working.

not sure what you're talking about but his last post is pretty interesting https://ecency.com/hive-102930/@netuoso/atomic-swaps-with-hive-core-integration

He started doing something just because he dipped below the pay threshold for a few days. That doesn't excuse the fact that he did nothing for 4 months. If anything he should be working for free for the next 3-4 months to make up for it.

For me it's quite clear for a while that Hive, as well as Steem was, is just a milking machine. That community narrative is just bullshit thrown to the poor and the naive. It's all about pure business and making money. Regarding that fund this guy is taking his share from, you probably remember that it has funded secretary work for 500 HBD per day. Lame...

I requested a delegation from @giftgiver to you, so now you can comment more :D

This needs to be addressed for sure! If the work is not being done, that money could definitely be allocated to better things like maybe some Brave browser ads or to a developer that will actually do work and show that they are doing work, because those are some crazy numbers for sure. For that amount, you would think all the issues should be solved because that should be the only thing the person is focused on! There are those of us that are out there building communities and trying to help onboard new users and give use cases, but don’t get paid at all, or maybe to try and make some pennies on a post here and there. I say the work needs to be audited for sure!

Very interesting read. I don't know all the ins and out but I definitely think there needs to be some accountability. I look forward to hearing a response.

There will be none.

Thanks for the mention, I will take a closer look.

Interesting topic, you can always learn something from these discussions.

I am not attacking nor defending anyone, but if this is how you say it is then I am eager to see answers from Netuoso and others supporting him.

For better Hive! Peace yo.

The DAO has potential to create a lot of excess inflation in exchange for nothing in the late stages of the crypto bull market that seems to have begun recently.

not really reassuring to see a hive blockchain developer selling almost all of it's rewards from dao.

There could be more to it or he is just a lazy slob that drains the reward pool and does absolutely nothing, because he was at the right place at the right time during the Justin drama and got exposure.

Now, ofc he is draining the pool and taking advantage of the DAO, that is absolutely obvious by anyone with half a brain, ive been saying that from day one, what isnt yet obvious (we need more info) is if he is literally jerking off all day and smoking cubans he buys from dumping the payments he gets from the community and doing nothing..

Could you be any bigger of a whiny fucking bitch?

Get back to sucking your imaginary wives dick you fucking cuck.

I made a post about many of the top witnesses, just exploring who was active, but i haven't gotten a single response. One of them even resigned! And is still top 20.

I think in the meantime he is out of support of both his proposals, or do I miss something?

As a result of this post he lost enough support to be out of the payment threshold.

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