Small updates on Steem Telly

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This is the last Steem Telly update of the year, I'm going on holidays in a few days and trying to stay away from the computer for as long as I can and enjoy the family and everything else.

What's new in this update

- I completed the search functionality and thumbnails are now showing for all content. I've however found a bug while demoing in today's video so will have to fix it.
- The size of each view in the app was huge as I had to include all the blockchain metadata for each video entry. I've modified the app to only attach the metadata that it really needs. This makes the page render a bit faster but makes it much easier for me to debug.
- The app used to freeze and require a device reboot whenever the network is not available and you launch the app. This is now fixed and you can exit the warning page thanks to a little button.
- The search was trying to find an exact match when searching for authors, partial matches are now permitted.
- While testing the app, some explicit NSFW content were showing up on the screen with big thumbnails... They are now hidden.

Thank you to my backers and supporters

Big thanks to all those who have supported this project via donations or upvotes. As promised, any support of $1 or above will get a mention in my project updates. So thank you to: @evildido @jeffandhisguitar @waybeyondpadthai @carlpei @imacryptorick @nathanmars @thejohalfiles @quochuy @fundition @dtube

Video Demo!/v/quochuy/4zy7u57r


Improving bit by bit! Hope it will go viral! You enjoy the holiday!! :)

Thanks dear! Enjoy the end of 2018 too.