Steem Telly Update the Steem API is now using Hivemind

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Steem Telly Beta available for download

I would like to remind you that Steem Telly Beta is available for download from TestFlight on your Apple TV. For more details on how to download and install, please refer to my previous update post: Download and try Steem Telly beta app today


Steemit Inc. has released Hivemind for a little while now, it's a layer in front of Steemd, the blockchain software, that indexes some data in a Postgres SQL database and remove a big load from the Steemd process. Being indexed in a SQL database means you can perform some complex searches easily and faster than browsing the blockchain.

One of the first projets that uses the power of Hivemind is @tower by Steem Witness @emrebeyler. It's a REST API that internally queries the Hivemind's database. Such API gives other developers a lot of possibilities and flexibility for their own project.

Steemulant's Steem REST API

After looking for some solutions I could host myself, I decided to take the jump and setup my own Hivemind node. There was quite a few unknowns but the process was fun. In the end, I have Hivemind database synchronized with the Steem blockchain and started ti dig into the database structure to see what I could do with it. To my satisfaction, after some tweaking on the DB,  I could do almost everything I needed.

So was born Steemulant's Steem REST API.

The API allows me to do some complex search such as searching and returning valid D.Tube and DSound posts. Valid posts don't just contain the #dtube or #dsound tags or have the proper "app" value, they also need to contain the "video" or "audio" property inside the json_metadata object of the post data.

For future use, the API is also able to efficiently search for mentions inside posts of less than 30 days old. This will be useful for some features I might add to Steem Telly in the future.

What is Steem Telly

Steem Telly is a video/audio consumption app built for the Apple TV (and maybe more platforms in the future) by Steem Witness @quochuy.

Thank you to my backers and supporters

Big thanks to all those who have supported this project via donations or upvotes. As promised, any support of $1 or above will get a mention in my project updates. So thank you to: @evildido, @waybeyondpadthai, @jeffandhisguitar, @angelinafx, @carlpei

Also thank you to top voters: @fundition, @dtube, @nathanmars, @lukestokes, @imacryptorick, @drakos, @aggroed, @anomadsoul, @thejohalfiles


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