Upmewhale Updates & Some Recent Changes

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Hello dear Steemians,

We are aware that we haven’t posted in a few months, but we have been really busy, so apologies for that. The @upmewhale team is trying very hard to reorganize, in order to make Steemit a better place for all Steemians.


We all know that #newsteem is here, and this is why we want to let you all know about some changes we have made.

For promotion purposes the bidbot will still be operative, but with non-profitable votes, as we have now set our ROI to 0%.

We want to encourage every single Steemian to create the best original content they can, because the @upmewhale team will be looking for quality every day, to curate manually and give to Steemians what you deserve - which we actually have been doing for quite some time now. We only ask that you work hard and try to deliver your best every single time you decide to create a post. That could be art, literature, photography, or anything else, as we don’t have any favorite categories. We only want to find extraordinary effort and quality content.

We also want to remind you that we have a Discord server where you can promote your content in the Manual curation promotion channel, and also have a nice chat with other Steemians from all over the world in the General channel. We also listen to music together sometimes in the Music Lovers channel. :)

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Thank you for your support, everyone does an excellent job.

Your support so far to reward hardworking steemians with quality posts has been unquantifiable and amazing. I can attest to all you are doing since the #newsteem era emerged.
Thank you for all you do.

@upmewhale you steal my money and then banned me in your discord support channel?

That's a real cool service! I necessarily will be recommend you to my friends)))

I hope you can buy a little conscience for yourself and a bit of mutual respect for your channel members !

Thanks for the latest update, I have some great contents guys would be glad if it's given a look at

So, we can promote our content in the Discord channel. Nice!

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yeah you can use the channel after review we curates the post if it deserves curation1

Hello @upmewhale team, Appreciate your hardest effort for bring more value to steem blockchain and steem users. Thanks for new updates.

Thanks for the information and i feel proud because i am already a member of @upmewhale community.

Thank you for your adjustments and efforts to make the #newsteem a better sea than before...

Thank you so much for sharing this news among us.! My dear @upmewhale

Thank u so much......Always appreciate with u.
Hope I can maintain your points & can make more quality contents to give informational support in steem block chain.

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Appreciate your contribution to bring value in steemit blockchain as well as support for quality content...
Wishing you very lovely weekend..

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I give you a positive rating
have fun with it
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Last night, I looked at those 2000 posts that I wrote, and I was visited by the thought that my ideas warehouse is beginning to end)) But, such posts are very stimulating to create high-quality content. I will have to put aside fatigue and begin to work with renewed vigor. Thank you so much from the small, Ukrainian city of Rivne! Supervising content is no less difficult than coming up with something. There are lines in the Bible that indicate that it is necessary to separate the grain from the chaff. It is always, very difficult. Blessings!

I know you have worked hard. your effort must be appreciated by all Steemian. We know that not easy to curate manually. Then you must read and aware about many posts. i am so glad when you work and then I get your curation.
Thank you million for all your hard working.
We hope New Steem will be better and better, and we know that some of it come from your effort to curate.
Warm regard from Indonesia.

well we are doing our best to provide any kind of help to the community which help the platform growth.

With your effort and so many curator or Steemian who have concern to Steem I am sure Steem will bright shine again.
Your post will always inspire me to take a part to struggle in Steem. And I just post about it. So if you have time you can check it. it is a honor fro me.
Greet from Indonesia. We hope you will be blessed

Thanks for the latest information.


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Thanks. Very pleased to be in contact with people linked to Upmewhale, I have participated in 2 contests, and I hope to continue because it is something that has helped me to grow. Desires of success.

that's right ... things are SO much better at 12 dollar cents ...

Thank you very much @upmewhale. Your great work can make awesome steemit platform. We really appreciate for tour support.
!neoxag 10

Great Work, thanks for supporting stay blessed

Thank you very much Upmewhale, we know of the effort you make to support the community, I have been benefited with your support several times, I thank you for the same.
We want to learn and share quality content, and the only way to do that is to try.
Thank you and may your successes continue.

Hello @upmewhale apologies accepted.
If the changes you are making are to help us more, welcome to wait here for those changes.

Thank you for the help and support to everyone here this is a very nice way to spend it, at least I who am retired helps me a lot to think to keep the mind active.

So please let me know what's new.

What is the server in discord?

Thanks for information.

Thanks for all you do! It is appreciated! ❤️

Thank you for supporting quality contents.
Have a nice day

Thank you for supporting the entire community for excellent work. Greetings to the whole team.

The team is really working hard to bring value to Steem. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your excellent effort and good intention!

I do hope the community will grow stronger and much bigger!!

All the best.

People still don't know about the discord channel. I hope they will find it out. :)

Thanks for all you do :-)

Thank you so much for the support I really appreciate keep up the good work #newsteem

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Thank you very much @upmewhale. We need good healers who take into account the efforts and originality of each writing. I trust your group and I know we are sure to get good rewards. Thanks for your support.

I have to say that I am finding the New Steem a much nicer place to be.

I really appreciate your effort. Thanks for the update so far💞 ♨️.


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thankyou for your updates....
thanks for support n luv...

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@upmewhale Congratulations to the whole team for the excellent healing work they are doing.
I wish you all a splendid and prosperous week

Most thankful for your support, greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your support @upmewhale and i will always try and do my best to keep you interested and advance the #newsteem...Cheers 👍

Thank you so much for the support 👍😮

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Thanks for information and supporting quality work...

Really great! And thanks for the upvote :))

I don’t know how anyone succeeds, but I feel your support and am grateful for it. After the last HF, there were many doubts about its usefulness.
There were fears that a small fish like me would be discouraged or simply sail away to other seas. But something happened really useful.
Your manual curation job is an example. It inspires creativity, not just posting anything.
Thanks for your work :-)

keep the good work , we always want to help those who deserves , your work is awesome .

Thank you, glad to hear from you.

Thanks for all you do

Support me bro. Please vote my article 🙏🙏🙏

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The new update has bad effect on bots

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