@upmyvote is now testing auto refunds

in #upmyvote4 years ago

Provided we don't run into problems with the new bot software, we have enabled auto refunds and the Steem Bot Tracker Bid API.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund any mistakes prior to this point as we have already distributed votes based on bids. Going forward as long as we don't run into further problems with Post Promoter, we will be able to have auto refunds dispursed immediately.

If we have to return to our original software and not integrate into the Steem Bot Tracker API due to bugs, we will have to go back to no refunds until we can reliably use the Steem Bot Tracker Bid API without issues.


here it say how much i send you and how much i received but actually i received only 8-9$ ...............@sunnyali 5.00 SBD $23.73 7.02% $36.17
https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@sunnyali/btc.................................................Total Vote Value:
$515.02 (100%)
Total Bids:
71.20 SBD
Total Bid Value:
14.31% (After Curation) .................aprox 15 min ago....please vote better

if i knew i woun`t receive how much you said with 7% upvote value i would have used other bot...whay is wrong with you?please re-do the upvote...

re-do the upvote means to fuck current or future bidders.
What people should ask for is a refund.
When or once there is no refund, potential bidders, current and past victims should avoid and ban the victimizing service.
"No refunds" became a plague only passive customers let be.

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You got a 1.98% upvote from @upyou courtesy of @stimialiti!

Your only votes are from bots, and we gave you a $12.69 vote.

thank you @upmyvote..i.m trying for 3 mnths to buld up and be able to withdraw some for my kids...i`m not employed and i really try hard, thank you for your support!

@upmyvote can you please tell me where i can see these statistics for each of my posts?

thank you @upmyvote, when i get more sbd will use your bot again:).


@upmyvote Please, it is the third order of return of MONEY sent to Upvote and it was not returned please return the SBD specified here:

3 days ago Transfer 60,000 SBD to upmyvote https://steemit.com/steemit/@wasgyo/my-primer-pago-steemit-en-sbd-change-usando-bitrrex-uphold-airtm-bancolombia

bro, NEVER spend more than 1- 2 SBD on these bots! I've had a lot of frustration too... ;) use MORE bots with LESS SBD.. that's what I can recommend you! peace and greetz! ;)


The worst is with borrowed money that was aciendo these tests confide muco to upmivote because it is a bot that was composed excellent antler with 4 or 6 sbd ...

Now I have problems ...


We do not offer refunds for user errors, I am sorry. We have recently changed bot so we will auto refund, but this is before that was in place.

in le traker said that if they received that amount ... you can keep the money of the users so you should not have a control is a complete robbery this ....

I will report because it is money that affects my economy, it is very unfair on their part


My post was 5 days old and you returned my money. You should update and say no posts older than 4 dats old if thats the case.

Did i just send you 10 SBD to get your 10$ upvote?

No, you received $21.13, and $31.33 from @booster, then went and downvoted all the comments from the bots you used.

listen.. i have sent you today 1SBD with post url (https://steemit.com/today/@ahsan047/good-morning-may-you-have-lovely-day-today) but you didn't upvoted me...
please either upvote me or
give me my money back

you should refund him @upmyvote this is not fair

He was refunded even before he left a comment, he just never checked...

@upmyvote Thanks... i received my 1$ .. thank you so much

Hello, i sent 1 SBD for an upvote I never received. Please refund and advise if ive done anything in contravention to your terms of service. Screenshot_20180213-161927.png

You took the screenshot before the bidding round was over, and other people bid after you but before the bidding window ended.

You don't need to post the same comment in 10 different posts.

Kindly follow back, I'll be making series of posts (original works) in the coming days

Bot software is so much helpful for new user like me @upmyvote

Yes thank atas informasinya... Bot software

great like your post.

can i bid yet?

yes it's live

I sent 1 SBD about an hour ago - did it go unaccounted for?

You sent it 1 hour ago, it can take up to 3 hours for our bidding round to end and start voting.

Ah, got it - thanks for the explanation!

I just send 2 Sbd to you now to upvote this post thanks https://steemit.com/copper/@newmarket65/copper-a-good-investment

May i send you with steem ??? With link into your memo ...

We only take SBD sorry.

sent 1.5 sbd yesterday
are you going to refund or vote me?

The post was too old, Steem does not allow votes past 6 days 12 hours. Because it was before we implemented the bid api, we cannot offer a refund.

i complaint about your error a day before. You have to refund

Another bot refunded

I sent 1 SBD 3 hours ago for @upmyvote, and just now sent 1.7 SBD to @upmyvote, I do not see the announcement, please you are so helpful for me as a minnow in this platform, Upmyvote please :)

I see upvotes on both of your posts you submitted.

Yup Thank you so much My @upmyvote greeting from Aceh sumatra, Indonesia :)

Good luck @upmyvote. Have a nice day. Regards.

You did not upvoted me, i send you 1sbd . Kindly check.

You sent a bid 1 hour ago, it can take up to 3 hours for a vote.

Guys becareful using Voting services, whale account @GrumpyCat is now downvoting random posts that use these type of services: https://steemit.com/steemit/@dineroconopcion/is-grumpycat-abusing-it-s-steempower

They downvoted me calling my posts "Trash" :( always something on Steemit. So tired of this Whales playing police. Funny thing is that they do user Voting Services too

please help.. return the money in SBD sent ... hace 5 días Transferir 60.000 SBD hasta upmyvote https://steemit.com/steemit/@wasgyo/my-primer-pago-steemit-en-sbd-change-usando-bitrrex-uphold-airtm-bancolombia

I sent 5 Sbd and I have not been voted, what can I do?

Transferir 5.000 SBDhastaupmyvote   https://steemit.com/spanish/@germanaure/reportaje-fotografico-de-la-exposicion-de-pablo-serrano-espacio-protector

I see an upvote.

Very nice post your posts, make me motivated. I wait for your next posting.
Stop in my post and comment let me have your suggestion, thank you.

I send you 2 and, 1 hour ago, but not in upvote. Please check.

I send 10 SBD to upvote but my post is not upvoted yet. Its been 1 hour passed for second round but no upvote for my post of previous round.
please either upvote me or
give me my money back
Please cek your wallet history for proof.

Refunded 10 SBD

The reason u said that post is too old but it is 5 days old what u need max limit. What is the limit of old post u need to give upvote??

hi, i sent 1 SBD pls check your wallet... not receive any vote


Nice work! Welcome to me blog @alex2016

Recently sent 1.0 SBD to you but I have not gotten any votes from you. Please look into the matter and refund my SBD. I would be grateful to you. Thanks. I will keep an eye on refund.

@upmyvote thank you for information :)

I sent you 1 sbd but didn't get my bid
Please send my bid in

I send you 1 SBD but did not get upvote. Please check my post https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@replica.portrait/shades-of-nepal

Yes you did...

or this is spam bot??

Hi there. I don’t what I just did (well, it’s obvious) but I tried to send 1.0 SBD and somehow sent 6.4! Is that something I can get refunded?

You already got refunded as the post was too old.

reminder 7

UPMYVOTE I sent 1 SBD (36) hours ago but I can't receive any vote pls check your wallet?

here transcation memo


Ok, you can stop with the 500 comments.

Our Discord is where we handle support issues, not 15 different posts over 50 comments.

Okey. I like your maker.

articles that are very useful, a lot of knowledge that we can get from the articles that you create,
good luck always come to you

I am waiting for my upvote, i sent 4.269 sbd to your wallet.

Here is the link.


Refund sent, don't need to comment on every post. One would do.

Better yet use our Discord #support channel.

Hello friend, you can support me with a good vote is to fulfill a goal I will be grateful greetings and blessings