My thoughts on Henry Kissinger dying

in #us6 months ago

As a Brit, I'm really glad Harold Wilson kept the UK out of the Vietnam war (and the wars in Cambodia and Laos). It meant my dad didn't have his twenties ruined like the conscripts in the US did.

As for Henry Kissinger, he was a monster.

He single-handedly changed the image of the United States from the smiling generous heroes of WW2 who handed out chocolate to kids in the countries they liberated, to psychopaths who napalmed children.

Arguably America still hasn't recovered it's image.

If you visit the US, they are the smiling generous people they've always been. But the world views them through Kissinger's psychopathy.

Everything that has happened since (including 9/11) is an outcome of believing Americans are evil. But it was just one man, Henry Kissinger, unelected and over reaching his power, that was evil.