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Great job on this - totally taking the Hebrew community forward.
I would like to suggest a small upgrade - it would be great to support not just full page alignment but actual partial page alignments based on the language of the text. Its the more common approach for supporting RTL languages inside global content websites like Facebook where you can have RTL and LTR text inside the same page but each post is aligned according to the language it's written in.
As someone who preface LRT interface but has a lot of RTL content in his feed - I think that would be an amazing next step for this project.
But, that's taking none from the amazing work you have done,
Thank you


It's actually implemented.
By default, all content text is aligned left.
But once I use the .text-rtl it's aligned to the right, like this:

שלום שלום

  1. How do you add the css class as part of the context? Do I just start a div in the text?

  2. But generally look at this page:

I wouldn't expect every user to be technical enough to use those tags - I would just expect your hebrew title in here to be RTL even though the rest of the page is LTR without you as a content writer having to do anything special.

Does it make sense?