Utopian Signup - Immediate STEEM Account Creation for Open Source Contributors

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Bring all your GitHub friends to Utopian with our new STEEM account creation module!

Growing and rewarding the Open Source community on the STEEM blockchain was, is, and will continue to be the Utopian vision. The main hurdle on our way to realizing this vision was a lack of account creation system to allow for immediate contributor access to Utopian services. Having to wait for an account on Steemit, or purchasing one for immediate use was detering many Open Source projects and contributors from joining the community.

Today, we are changing that.

We are proud to present to you the Utopian STEEM registration module to make STEEM account creation seamless and FREE for GitHub users.


PLEASE NOTE: This service is intended only for the creation of new STEEM accounts for GitHub users who do not currently have an active STEEM account. Accounts accidentally created by existing account-holders on the blockchain will be disabled through undelegation in regularly performed audits.


Since many existing STEEM users are expressing their will in testing the new Utopian signup module, the actual account creation has been temporarily moved to the testnet. You can now test it freely! We will resume creation in the main net in the next few hours.

Utopian Signup

The Utopian Signup module allows Open Source contributors to instantly create a STEEM account by syncing their GitHub account with Utopian and confirming account ownership.

Originally developed with the help of @therealwolf the Utopian Signup module is fully Open Source: https://github.com/utopian-io/signup.utopian.io

Secure, Fast, Reliable

The Utopian signup system uses a unique algorithm to verify past social data on GitHub and verifies user authenticity.

5000 STEEM for Newcomers

We’ve powered up 5000 STEEM allocated to account creation with @utopian.signup . As demand rises, we will be powering up additional STEEM as necessary.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 19.49.25.png

If past activity data on GitHub allows for instant verification, the user will only be asked to enter an email address to get a free STEEM account instantly.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 19.50.52.png

Personal data, like the email address, is fully encrypted and only processed for verification purposes.

SMS Verification

If the past activity data on GitHub isn’t enough to verify the authenticity of the user, SMS verification will be requested in addition to email verification. The phone number provided for verification is encrypted.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 19.51.25.png

A verification code will be sent to the number entered and used to continue the registration process.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 19.51.46.png

Password Safety

Once the user has verified either the email and/or the phone number a password will be presented on screen. The password is generated client-side and destroyed immediately after the account creation for maximal security, which also means it’s not recoverable.

The user will be requested to save the password locally in a TXT file before being able to proceed.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 19.53.12.png

The user can now choose the preferred STEEM username and finalise the account creation.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 19.53.01.png


We hope that with the launch of the Utopian Signup module, we will be able to accelerate the growth of both Utopian and STEEM, while providing the best user experience possible.

With this tool, we will be able to launch advertising campaigns and community initiatives to attract a mass of Open Source project owners, contributors and investors to Utopian and STEEM. To us, this is a great leap forward that will have a profound impact on creating the STEEM-Based Open Source economy that is our vision.

First Time Contributing in Utopian?

Learn how to contribute on our website

Utopian Witness

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I think I am doing something very basic incorrectly, I am following @scipio Python tutorials and when I try to link to anything he has on Utopian I am prompted to sign up or login, the sign-up wants me to create a SteemIt account and the Login is just a video? Do I need to sign up via Git Hub first? Sorry for such a basic question! :( Thank you for any help!

Hi, the Utopian frontend is closed at the moment. You may have been redirect to the landing page of Utopian if scipio had utopian links included in his posts. You do not need to signup and login, you can't login to Utopian.

If you have any Utopian links, change the utopian.io part to steemit.com or busy.org, depends on which interface you use and prefer.

Perfect! Thank you so much! 😊

Any idea when the front end will be back up?

You have your full rights. We consistently perform audits throughout our TOS 18-minute ages. We will soon include a reprint as an additional prevention against the bots.

Amazing - it's finally live!

When I got the job-offer of creating a signup for @utopian-io I was very nervous as I just learned how to create websites (with VueJS) few months before, but on the other hand I got really intrigued by the idea of helping one of the greatest projects on Steem.

So I accepted the challenge. And seeing it now live in action with some great finetuning from @elear, which made it perfect - what a feeling!

Thank you @elear for creating utopian.io!

Good job sir ;)

You did an amazing job. The system is very solid and easy to improve!

So far so good utopian has been the best as far as I'm concerned.... This is a nice concept and I really admire the teams IQ....... Long live utopian.......

Long live all the community members as well :)
Thanks for the compliments.

Hey, thanks @ckole! We appreciate the kind words. Cheers

A great step to increase contributions in our community!

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Don't put your personal information here, you will need to convert steem from binance.com or blocktrades.us to bitcoin then from bitcoin to other currency depends on your country.

Top effort! Really great addition to Utopian 💯

Wow - This is great news.

Wow ... this is big ... nice job

And stay tuned, more bigger things to come ;)

Another great step by Utopian!

We are Utopian <3

Of course we are utopian. You don't want to leave me behind. Do you :P

Hey wait! Can I be Utopian too?

100%, you are welcome to the family

Guys! Help! i dont get it. verytime i click login it pops up a video and wouldn't even log-in.. help pls

Heyy @chachikho123 our frontend is down for maintenance at the moment. You can login any other steem application with an account created via us. Seems like you already have an account btw, so you don't need an additional one. IF you wish to learn how to contribute in Utopian please check https://join.utopian.io/rules

Just wow.... going great @utopian-io

@knowledges and @buckydurddle my pleasure. Glad that I'm part of this great community.

We will keep doing great things in a great way. We will need your support as well to keep sharing with us quality contents. Thank you for the compliment. WE ARE UTOPIAN :)

Thanks for the support !

this is really awesome - I have been thinking about the sign up process and how if I could verify accounts would be the best way to get the account. So this is very interesting

Thanks a lot @paulag!

This new signup module will bring many happy faces to Open Souce contributors. Well done!

This is a great improvement for utopian. Now contributors will not have to wait a long time before they can access their accounts.

I think this technology should totally be the default technology for steem based apps, @steeemit @Dtube and of course @Dlive.

as a Dliver this would change the whole game for me, cause when i go live or upload a video my followers on other platforms like facebook and twitter will be able immediately become members and support me.

We are happy to see so many STEEM users are willing to test our new signup module. It is working smoothly and we couldn't be happier. At the same time we want this module to be useful for new Open Source contributors on our blockchain. That's why, while this post is Trending, the signup module has been switched to the testnet. You can now test it freely!

Great! Looking forward for a Captcha and IP Address limit during a certain period.

Hey @jinzo the recaptcha is already planned to be implemented today. For the IP address limit that's also a good idea. We have a client limit in place already.

does this apply for musicians and art creators ? I have friends with some talentsthat would love to open an account

Hey @kingyus sure if your friend has a Github account he may use our Signup system to join. We also have various categories that are suitable for artists, have a look here https://join.utopian.io/rules

that's nice, thank you! Will do

What about if someone has started the steemit registration, the free one that take max of 2 weeks, and if as at date the account is not ready, can such individual take advantage of this to get instant account?

@javalord if you have already started the steemit account creation, I would advise to wait for that in order to avoid multiple accounts.

Maybe that is good, but there is always a bad guy who can abuse that account creation system. Nowadays, getting an email address and phone number is an easy process.
I appreciate your work.

the project is still under development.

You are right @mahdiyari. We are implementing some more few things, like a recaptcha to start.

hi utopian-io.i all time upvot follow and resteem your all latest post.i am also a member utopian.io.I hope you all time support me

I would love to become a part of open source projects. This has encouraged me to learn more about getting involved with open source assistance.

Is the front-end login part still down?

I love utopian

Utopian loves you too <3

Finally an easier and more efficient way to sign up. Good work

Thanks for the compliment :)

The greater

Source contributors to instantly create a STEEM account by syncing their GitHub account with Utopian and confirming account ownership.

Only for GitHub?

Hi @mejustandrew, Utopian is open to only open source projects on github. However, we might extend to other open source plateform in the future.

Thank you :)

Ah, so bad, there may be contributors from bitbucket too, but it is a nice start with GitHub also. I am really curious how it will turn out!

I love your project, this community is very good and active, I love the way you guys are contributing in steemit

Hi @nancy007, Thanks for the compliment :)
We are not just contributing to steemit
We are also contributing to the success of open source projects (on github)

OK what's github all about?

Github is a hosting platform that allows you to host your code and open it to anyone from anywhere to simultaneously develop and improve them. To learn more about github, click here

This looks real interesting and exciting...
Need to learn more about it....
be continues............................

This module is to create a new account. If you already have Steem account, there is no need to create another one. Utopian currently uses other interfaces such as Steemit or Busy for the contribution posts.


Is this github account will be somehow connected to registered steem account?

I would like to test this registration process, to make sure, that I can recommend this way to my friends, but I am afraid, that if I will use github.com/noisy to register some test account, then I will not be able to post contribution made by github.com/noisy to my current @noisy account.

Could you tell a little bit more about that?

PS. resteemed to all my followers :)

Is this github account will be somehow connected to registered steem account?

The github account is linked internally and in order to make sure the system is not easy to abuse it will remain linked. If you create a STEEM test account now with your main github account, in the future you may have to use that in order to use the linked main github account. This i not true right now, since there is not any frontend that checks that, but for the future, that's the plan.

We are willing to allow existing STEEM accounts to link a github account without having to go through the registration process in the near future.

My advise is that you use a test github account now to try the signup process.

If you can't we will then unlink it manually for you ;)

accidentally, I have created this mistake. maybe the test account is linked with my main github account.

I think they will surely need unlink/revoke option for github account also system abuse is still possible by multiple GitHub accounts so a Captcha will be better.

I think interesting option would be, to allow existing github users to sponsor new accounts of own friends/mentors.

For example, I could donate some STEEM and SP to utopian, and whenever someone who I am following on github will try to create an account, then his account could be created with my funds without SMS verification, even if his github rating would be low.

That would be a simplification for me, to invite my friends, without additional cost to utopian.


This is a very nice idea @noisy! Let me think about it

This is really awesome guys,i told some developers about Utopian recently but told them to sign up on Steemit....unfortunately its taking long and some are giving up!

Kudos to this new development

Thank you, yes we have made this service available to avoid all the wait time.

nice job!

Thanks @sublimate

Everyone will know about steem soon

Good information!!!!! Thank you!!!

That is a fantastic way to stimulate new contributors that want to get involved with utopian-io but are worried about the "decades" to get a new steem account confirmed for free!! Very well done!! This is another step taken by utopian-io that confirms its strong presence and the will to grow not worrying about what happened lately (internal token leak)!! We are utopian!! We are here to stay and grow together!! Keep it up @elear @mcfarhat @amosbastian @espoem and all the utopian CMs and mods and community

Thank YOU!

Sweeet! tipuvote!

Hi @utopian-io! You have received 1.0 SBD @tipU upvote from @cardboard !

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that's a great fucking update

That's a great way to stimulate new organizers who want to get involved with the utiippian-io, but are worried about "decades" to ensure a new steam account is free! This is another step taken by the utiippian-i! We sci-fi !! We are together and growing together !! Keep it up

amazing job bro. bro, would like help your new steemian bro? please give me an upvote.

I've already synchronised and verified my Github account in this new update in @utopian-io, congratulations on your progress! I hope to become a part of your translator's team someday. Looking forward for that section to be reopened again.

Sure! Stay tuned for coming updates @luisoliveirav

Its good. But now my account is erfied i am also a github user and i waited alot for my account approval and i also posted on github that any have any idea to approve soon

Will further improve the scope of steem

If username ends with the letter "x", for example "chewingx", that "x" will be deleted, and finally created is the accout "chewing", without 'x' on the end @elear

That's weird @chewing. Thanks for reporting, we'll check this out.

this is really a nice concept. wish your best of luck and long life @allthemember of utopian

Great post and great info shared here... Thanks for the heads up.

Seems legit :) But I dont think that 3-4 days is much to w8. You can gather informations in those days and make some articles for backup!

Congratulations @utopian-io!
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