V4Vapp and VSC Partnership

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VSC Network Announcement

@vsc.network put out an announcement about our forthcoming collaboration.

Hey all! We are excited to announce our collaboration with v4vapp! As many of you know, @ brianoflondon has been a strong supporter of VSC and the vision we’ve put fourth for fully decentralized Bitcoin. Going forward, we are continuing to deeper our ties with the project including ongoing work on Lightning - wrapped bitcoin bridge and a joint DHF proposal.

My View

I've already written about @vsc.network here and here. After meeting @vaultec at @hivefest in Mexico (we've worked together for a long time on @threespeak) I finally got to understand what @vsc.network would mean for @v4vapp and I was very excited.

VSC changes what I do on @v4vapp fundamentally because I'll be able to hand over the conversion function to a proper DEX and @v4vapp will simply be a gateway in and out for Bitcoin in the form of Lightning. Which is the foremost way to move reasonable amount of BTC around instantly without the slowness and expense of main chain BTC.

Table limits raised!

And when I don't have to worry about doing the exchange function, I will pretty quickly be able to push transaction limits up to probably 500k or even 1m sats (0.005 to 0.01 BTC). Just for reference, the might Binance has a 2m sat limit on transactions right now!

The special sauce is open source

When I'm free of the pain of doing exchange transactions, my back end will be able to be re-written and simplified and that version 2.0 of my system will be 100% open source and I'll work to make it possible for others to run what I run as has been my intention all along.

Lightning isn't going away

Lightning is forever internally debating itself and many have noticed the inevitable pull as it sucks itself into a centralized and KYC'd black hole. Running a Lightning node is proving to be harder and less common than Lightning's creators anticipated: that's leading to centralisation.

This is where @vsc.network and @v4vapp can become the freedom wing of Lightning. v4v.app can become the best Lightning Service Provider that doesn't actually use Lightning for its back end. A combination of being able to hold your own sats on VSC with only a completely anonymous identifier is going to blow a lot of people's minds over in the Lightning BTC world.

Value for Value

For the last few months while building @v4vapp I was generously supported by the DHF. Going forward I have a much more modest support which covers direct server costs and a little of my time.

If you appreciate the work I do on and around Hive, you can express this directly: upvoting posts on Hive is great. Also consider a direct donation (there's a Tip button on Hive or a Lightning Address) on all my posts.


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That sounds great!
Pretty sure it feels exciting to have more capacity for other stuff instead of exchange. Love how Hive is connecting people 😇

It's exciting to be able to participate with V4V and the lightning network! This news is incredibly exciting and I hope your new partnership continues to grow to a wider community.

Thank you for keeping us informed!

This is highly interesting ... as someone who is a user of the V4V app and has hit the present sats limit recently, I find this to be a wonderful idea.

This is a good upgrade coming into the system. I can't wait.

The V4V app is really fantastic
Good to see that people are making use of it

This is really great to hear about the update and development and I must also confess that you are really doing a great work

The progress in the way the app operation is fantastic
I am a fan of the app. I can't wait to explore the new release version feature
Thank you so much

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