Got my 1st dose of Vaccine !

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Have been waiting for my vaccine appointments for a while and finally it is my turn to get the vax. Malaysia covid cases for the past few days have been keeping hitting All-Time High. Definitely not good news because it put a huge strain on the healthcare system.

Hopefully with the government ramping up the vaccination, might see the positive covid coming down.. Hopefully......... But...


My vaccination process took about 1 hour 45 minutes due to the appointment was in the afternoon and there are a lot of people especially factory workers came to take their vaccine. The vaccination center that I was appointed to take a vaccine is also a designated vaccine center for the factory workers.

The process took a bit too long and I hope that for my 2nd vaccination, the process will take less time to complete because I rather not be in crowded places especially at this critical time.

Vaccination 1.JPG

The vaccination center I went was a college, the SOP was in place however I believe it was a human decision to follow or not to follow regardless of countless reminders by the friendly volunteers.

So now what happens after the vaccination? After the shot, I can feel my left arm started to have some reaction up to my neck. According to friends/relatives who took the same vaccine as I do, said that they're experiencing minor rashes, headaches, pain on the left arm, fever and etc. Well, guess I will be anticipating these side effect.

What are your experiences of getting the vaccine?


My first vaccination took around 45 minutes. 2nd dose was fast, i think within 20 minutes, i gotten my jab.

As for side effects, after my first dose, i get a really bad headache and feeling nauseated. 2nd dose, i was having high fever.

Hope your side effect are not that bad

@rosmadirazali, wow that was fast. I do hope that my 2nd dose will be fast as I don't want to be in crowded places. I had a sore arm for few days and then it goes away, I do have headaches too. So far so good. :)

At my place, the vaccination takes around less than five minutes from registration to vaccination. But I think at ur side, there are more people. After vaccination, the cases go down alot here in Miri city. So I think it's going to be the case too soon for your side. I enjoyed reading ur journey. 😀😀😀 So far, for me and my family, some soreness only. I also go jogging on the second day.

Wow that was so fast. Do they check your blood pressure and your oxygen level in blood? I know that in Sabah, they do that however in Selangor they didn't do that. Thanks. my left arm pain to the neck.

They don't check my blood pressure. Just ask a few questions but on the second dose, no questions ask. Most of the people here vacinated already. Kiasu I think. Hope u feel better soon. 😀😀 Brunei, no covid anymore, everyone no need wear any mask can go party and is like before pandemic.but borders locked.

Wow, I guess I would be expecting that too on my 2nd dose.

Brunei has no case, that is awesome! The borders are locked to prevent anyone to come into the country and reduce the risk of covid. That is a good move and good for the Brunei people.

Hi hi.. @joannewong good to see you again. Hope your doing well today. I can't wait for the border to open then can go travel. =)

Haha likewise. I hope that the covid cases reduce as much as it can be..