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RE: Conditioning the Masses for a Political Savior

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My friend, I've thought on this a million times, thanks for articulating it. So many are waiting...waiting...and it would be oh so easy if someone would come fix this mess we have all contributed to making...c'mon man Jesus....aliens...anyone...come save us.

This made me LOL:

...we'll be saved just in the nick of time, at the eleventh hour, by an individual with super human ability, strength, charisma and a nice jaw line.


Thank you @lyndsaybowes, the conversation with you and @perceptualflaws certainly helped in the creation of this post and your input and opinions are greatly appreciated.

Lol, yeah are we waiting for an alien species to come save us from the global oligarchies now?

There's a different hero coming to "save us" for every different ideology. Yeah I was suckered in before in life...and let down so horribly that the only action left was to do whatever I could to try and change things in my own little corner of the world.

If there is a God or Higher Power, it's definitely wondering why we're not trying to fix this shit.