Conditioning the Masses for a Political Savior

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Why Do We Wait for a Savior to Rescue Us?

No need to be the change you want to see in this world. (Amen, brother)

No need to raise your voice, lift a finger, get out in the streets or even get off your fat ass. (MM-uumm)

And Why Not?

Because if Hollywood and television have taught us anything over the decades, it's that we'll be saved just in the nick of time, at the eleventh hour, by an individual with super human ability, strength, charisma and a nice jaw line.

It's the comfort of knowing that someday, perhaps one day soon, he/she will arrive to lead us to the promise land that we so desperately crave.

Run Come Save Me

We've been conditioned like Pavlovian dogs to wait for our messianic leader to emerge while we sit back and thank our lucky stars that this day has finally come.

Finally, we will have justice, we will have peace, we will have reason to celebrate and we will have overcome... watching from a safe and comfortable distance, of course.

We've become so accustomed to being voyeurs in our own lives, our communities and in the greater society that we've forgotten how to help ourselves.

Most of us prefer to watch events passively from the safety of our nested living rooms surrounded by our creature comforts, isolated, medicated and complacent.

Our mindless entertainment consists of rehashed, rebooted and recycled super heroes battling the greatest evils of our inevitable dystopic future.

How the world got this way is of little importance, what we must accept through endless repetition is that a horrifying dystopia is part of a logical progression.

Fear is relentlessly broadcast though every medium until we accept this as our destiny.

And according to the script we've been given, we must patiently await our fearless leader.

A hero will emerge.

A hero will come.

Alright, maybe not right this minute, but he's coming.

Hang on...

He's definitely coming, for sure.

Messianism is -

the belief and doctrine that is centered on the advent of the messiah, who acts as the chosen savior and leader of humanity by God.

Many of our superhero movies have messianic overtones.

There are literally thousands of superhero movies, television shows, and video games each with their spin-off merchandise with our favorite protagonist's carefully crafted image beamed deep into the recesses of our minds

The moral of the story is to wait and do nothing until the hero saves the day.

The Superhero Politician

This myth never seems to get old.

As the pendulum swings from Republican to Democrat and back to Republican we are constantly fed the notion that a charismatic leader will arrive to correct the wrongs of our political enemies.

That's right, a political outsider will bring hope to the discontent masses, to purge the system of corruption, to establish a new era of politics across the land, to clean up the cesspool known as Washington DC.

Just as the world economy was on the brink of collapse in 2008 and Americans had began to take to the streets and demand that their voices be heard, as anger that was boiling below the surface and threatened to spill over, the American people were introduced to their savior, Barrack Obama.

He was a political outsider, a young black Senator from Chicago, a gifted orator, a community organizer, he ran on Hope and Change and optimism, he played basketball, carried a smartphone, he promised that business as usual in Washington DC was about to be turned on its head and that it would be Main Street over Wall Street.
This newcomer could give America back it's dignity, it's belief in the American illusion.

The people could go home now. Go back to their creature comforts.
Back to their daily lives knowing that this fairy tale had a happy ending.
They could go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, Obama was just corporate America with a facelift.

The Obama campaign won Marketer of the Year in 2008, with Obama himself as the product being sold.

Hope and Change quickly evaporated and things pretty much continued along the path to dystopia.

Even before he took office, Obama's cabinet was chosen by Citi Bank.

And after leaving office, Obama has been rewarded handsomely for his service to his Wall Street masters for a pair of $400,000 speeches, thus far.

Trump - Fill the Swamp

America's New Top President is no different than Obama. He's the face of empire and the personification of the ruling class. Those who actually believe that Trump cares about the plight of the average American are sadly mistaken. Trump's entire life he has, stolen from, cheated, and abused his underclass workers while enjoying all the amenities of America's ruling class.

He too is presented as a political outsider, a self-made man, a symbol of success, wealth, indulgence and vanity. He plays his role of court Jester while the real power plays go on unseen in the background. Trump is a reality TV star, who's role is to 'entertain' America and keep them guessing from week-to-week not knowing what will happen next.

You need only look at Trump's administration to know definitively who is in charge - Goldman Sachs.

  • Steven Mnuchin - Goldman Sachs
  • Wilbur Ross - Goldman Sachs
  • Gary Cohn - Goldman Sachs
  • Rex Tillerson - Exxon Mobile
  • Betsy DeVos - Philanthropist

The Trump administration is the richest administration in US history with an estimated worth of between $5-10 billion.

This is hardly a departure from Obama's pre-selected pro-Wall Street cabinet from 2008.

Perhaps Trump misspoke and meant that he intended to Fill the Swamp with fresh piles of excrement.

Trump supporters still maintain that he's engaged in a 4-D chess game with the deep state. Yet, it seems as though creating headlines acting erratic maybe by design. The chaos that surrounds Trump with each new tweet and the amount of press he receives appears to be a reality TV show in itself.

The United States is military is engaged in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and stoking the flames with Iran yet all of this receives less and less attention as the media circus is hyper focused on the never ending Trump drama.

We Don't Need a Savior Figure, We Need to Save Ourselves

We don't need a savior.

We don't need a political messiah.

We can see plain as day that the president is really a Vampire Squid named Goldman Sachs.

The president is simply a fallacy and a figurehead.

Conscious people who are awake will know that we do possess the power to change the course of history because there's power in numbers.

We can prevent the dystopia, but we first have to reject their story, their reality tv saviors, and their solutions while creating our own.

There just aren't that many billionaires in the world but there's billions of us.




The moral of the story is to wait and do nothing until the hero saves the day.

So true buddy.
Once you know the truth about how our ridiculous system works it becomes comical to watch, well it would be if it wasn't so tragic.
The public have long ago given away their power to these 'false messiahs' to decide their fate.
Every 4-8 years a new one comes along promising hope & change, MAGA, whatever they know the sheeple want to hear and they believe all over again, it's sad to watch because the agenda never, ever changes.

Only we can make the change.

Great post V.

Thanks my friend, with presidential campaigns beginning 2 years in advance it really is just a long drawn out political pageant show. It's a drama series in and of itself with cast members coming and going and the generated conflicts inserted here and there by the media as they create controversy. Literally billions of dollars are spent by each side in the contest so that we can believe in the illusion that we matter in this illusion of democracy once again.

Yes, it's a farce.
Just look at France now, they have an ex Rothschild Bankster with a mommy complex and no political experience running the country. Well I doubt he's running the country that would never be allowed and besides he's a moron.
Trudeau in Canada too. Talk about a haircut waiting for a brain! They just keep rolling out these pretty boys like they did with the Criminally insane Barack Obombya and the serial liar Tony Blair.
I'm fairly confident nothing has changed in the US with the election of Trump, it may well have come out of left field for the controllers as the majority had rejected the idea of Hitlary or another retarded Bush brother.
Yes he's an outspoken billionaire that appeared to upset the applecart but he's surrounded by the same neocon psychos that surrounded the last two puppets.
And now they're laying the groundwork for Oprah! Who is she going to run against?
Jerry Springer!?
Round and round and round.............

I read Jerry Springer as Jerry Seinfield and a cold chill ran down my spine.

Hahaha, at least he's a comedian.
Better a comedian than the clowns they keep offering up for selection.

The false dichotomy of Left/Right, Liberal/Conservative, Dem/Rep, Blue/Red is killing this nation. So allow me to paraphrase Étienne de La Boétie :
“Resolve to vote no more and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you rebel against the State, but simply that you support it no longer; then you will behold it, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of its own weight and break in pieces.”

Voting validates a corrupt system of control. George Carlin said "If you vote, don't bitch" purposely turning that stupid phrase on its head.

Today's man needs peace

And what will change unless those who voice here are willing to make that change?

It is very easy it seems on steemit other forums and outside the digital world to voice all these wrongs in society and the working of. Appearance is people just like to talk about what is wrong, and try find a way to profit from it. The agenda is keep it wrong so we can make others pay to keep fixing it.
The only way to take control over the things a minority should not have control over. is to become as strong a voice as those.
If you think there might be something in that,
upvote and begin a fund

I find it humorous how muscular and stoic Trump is made to look in that first rendering. LOL!! The guy eats McDonalds every day and gulps down Diet Cokes like there's no tomorrow.

Lol, yeah I think he should walk around in a muscle suit just for the effect it would have over people.

This posts resonates with me strongly, very strongly! There is no man on a white charger coming to save us, no superhero in green spandex .. who will save us? every person reading these words! The power lays within all of us, alas for the majority it lays dormant!! Too long have these messages been fed into our subconscious, too long have we been manipulated into giving away our birthright, our inherant power!

It's a slight of hand an illusion, they can't take said power and so we must be manipulated into giving it away. They can take nothing if we give nothing. The true stength of this world lays with the people, I just hope I live long enough to see my brothers and sisters awaken to this fact. Awaken to the knowledge that the world is what we make and that each of us holds the future that we want in the palm of our hands!! Great work as always @v4vapid

Damn, you're such an eloquent writer! I should have asked you to write this

There is no man on a white charger coming to save us, no superhero in green spandex .. who will save us? every person reading these words!

I totally agree that we needlessly give our power away through manipulation, indoctrination and deception.

We give up our privacy, our personal data, our consent in exchange for convenience and 'free' products that are little more than alluring surveillance gadgets.

I also hope that a awakening will come soon, unfortunately knowing human nature it may take an earth shattering event for this occur.

The concept of political emancipation is somewhat "utopian" in reality. We cannot give out what we would have use to change the world to those who we think are of higher species, Superhereos and even with extra capacity by nature than us in general.....and still expect a positive and more convincing results. We surrender our rights, hope, trust, capacity and even trust to further strengthen the strong who eventually abuse them to our own detriment. we are our worst nightmare.

Hey my friend, sorry I missed this amongst all the messages I was receiving. When I read this post I was genuinely thinking how eloquent your writing was so I will take that as a big compliment. In other words thank you! :) Yes it's going to be a bumpy ride but as I've said (and will continue to say) "it's always darkest before dawn". Thanks again @v4vapid

Amazing article, @v4vapid. People need to realize that they are the "messiah," and that no one is coming to save them. We gotta be the savior in our own lives, and help those around us as much as possible to wake up to this strength as well.

Cheers man, thanks for stopping by and I think we need to absolutely look around and realize that we have more power than we know. Haha, we are the 'messiah' but I probably won't actually go around and ask people to call me 'messiah' ;)

Lol. Maybe a good idea.

My friend, I've thought on this a million times, thanks for articulating it. So many are waiting...waiting...and it would be oh so easy if someone would come fix this mess we have all contributed to making...c'mon man Jesus....aliens...anyone...come save us.

This made me LOL:

...we'll be saved just in the nick of time, at the eleventh hour, by an individual with super human ability, strength, charisma and a nice jaw line.

Thank you @lyndsaybowes, the conversation with you and @perceptualflaws certainly helped in the creation of this post and your input and opinions are greatly appreciated.

Lol, yeah are we waiting for an alien species to come save us from the global oligarchies now?

There's a different hero coming to "save us" for every different ideology. Yeah I was suckered in before in life...and let down so horribly that the only action left was to do whatever I could to try and change things in my own little corner of the world.

If there is a God or Higher Power, it's definitely wondering why we're not trying to fix this shit.

Well @v4vapid Being student of SOCIAL SCIENCES i do believe change in a society comes up with two approaches
1-Micro Approach
2-Macro Approach
Micro Approach:
Man to Man interaction and matter of life between them
Macro Approach:
Govt. and the governors make policy for the Nation and change will occure.

Both the approaches are good in their respective place but more deep and effective one is MICRO LEVEL APPROACH
In Holy Book QURAN Allah Says;

Creator never changes the condition of people unless they strive to change themselves

Being passive nothing brings ... nor in life nor in society there is need to be an Assertive in a very Balanced way.

You always come up with some deep message and thoughts for which i am Really thankful to you @v4vapid

Keep motivating, your previous thoughts actually changed my way of thinking yes i am talking about the Passive, Assertive and Aggressive upon which you wrote in detail.

My Support and Best Wishes are always with you

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

I’ve been de-programming myself for about 10 years... many years of bullshit programming consciously and mostly subconsciously, it’s going to be a lifetime journey to erase all that... at least I’m aware of it.

In other words, wake the hell up people, yes I took the red pill 😉

Well said. A least the left has Oprah to save them now.

Stalin used to dress in white and everybody else would be dressed in brown ... Suggesting that somebody is Jesus is a long, famous tradition. Unfortunately, it also works... Oprah dressed in white, the other candidate dressed in white, sitting in couches on stage, the audience dressed in brown, gaping, clapping, the debate, and you have the vision of the future ...

Great article. Waiting for a leader is literally behavior we inherited from our common ancestor with primates. Rhesus monkeys and chimps have a strict dominance hierarchy and each waits for a leader. An inheritance that is not serving our species well.

Great point about Stalin, and yes this is nothing new as communities no doubt looked to the Strong Man to lead them for survival purposes. This tendency could very well be inherited from our primate ancestors, as it makes sense that the most dominant ones would rise to the top.

When it comes to voting I understand that most people vote based on emotion and not on qualifications at all. I think this relates to the dominant primate notion as well.

My objections to Oprah are the same as (some of) my objections to Trump... and the same people that derided Trump for being a billionaire TV star with no political experience will likely ignore the same flaws in Oprah. That said, MSNBC has been somewhat skeptical of the idea to say the least.

Just joking 😌
Upvote my comment if you want also an upvote 😊

This post is spot on, too often people just assume we can do nothing to change the world, but we are the change. We've been giving away our power to politicians, we believe that they are in charge, powerful, and entrenched, and so they are.

There is great power in belief and thought, and the way we've been raised we assume our beliefs and thoughts to be true. We think they are our thoughts, but they've typically been planted there, just like we think a single figre may swoop in and save the day.

The way I like to look at super hero movies is that the hero is me, the hero is you, every one of us is the hero. We need to start believing that, we need to start believing we can make great change ourselves and come up with solutions to the world's problems.

Blockchain is a great step in that direction, it's enabling us to create change more than ever. People just need to realize it, then put the work in to be a part of it.

Nice article!

Also, from the book Ideal made Real:
"To resist evil is to increase the power of evil." "You give your energy to that which you resist."

Resisting something just keeps it around, we need to learn to remove our attention from these sources in order to remove their power, attention is everything, stop paying attention to things that you don't want in your life. Put your attention towards fixing the problem instead of why the problem is there in the first place. This is what is happening with blockchain, focus here and on other efforts to improve quality of life. My 2 cents.

Yes, in this sense we need to focus time, money and sustained energy into projects that have the most potential to allow people to prosper and strengthen communities.

I think you've identified one of the major obstacles that people have is that the corporatist state and media dictate what and how we should think about things.

The blockchain is a good example of this as we can build alternatives systems together but I also feel like this has to happen in physical communities at the same time. People need to find common ground and work towards the kind of world we'd like to live in.

People need to find common ground and work towards the kind of world we'd like to live in.

The question is, what's that going to take? We need people to wake up and realize we are in it together, the only thing they can do is try to divide us.

To be completely honest, it's probably going to require things to get worse before they get better. It may be necessary for some sort of cataclysmic event to take place to shake people out of their complacency. I hope I'm wrong.

unfortunately, i more or less agree... i also came to that conclusion.. and even posted a fictional story about it.. im hoping change comes in a way that can crush the existing paradigm with minimal casualties.. there are options luckily, not that we get to choose them!

or do we!

One non-violent non cataclysmic option that came to me when i wrote that post was that IF Whistleblowing went Viral, that would totally crumble the whole perception of everything en-mass and would lead to an overnight revolution.

Imagine if one special hero from every strata of power, and every big company came out and told the truth or even a small percentage of the truth!! It would be a frenzy and i believe the start of great change! These things happen when the time is right, just as it is now with sexism and abuse.

@jakeybrown—I like your version better of what the superhero represents :), but I wholeheartedly agree with the premise of your post @v4vapid and both of your conclusions.

In a republic, where people are elected to do the will of the people so the people can go about their lives, the potential for said representatives to basically do their own will always exist. Moreso if we just let them.

Unfortunately, in a true democracy, where everyone has a say in everything, there's also the chance that a few will rise to the top and control everything.

So, either way we go, there's potential for tyranny and oppression—it's just a step or two longer to get there.

We the people need to remain vigilant, rise up when necessary, and keep any would be leader in check. The blame falls squarely upon us if we fail to act or we abdicate our natural rights and responsibilities.

Agreed, we need to stop blaming others

the illusion of choice, to me all politicians are frauds, the real power is the central banks, ending central banks and stock markets, and making trade truly free, and banks owned and run by the people for the people, may change something, but I just do not know any more, it seems war is more important than peace, shame really , as it could be oh so different, just my humble opinion of course, and a great read, thanks.


The illusion of choice is something I meant to mention but I hope it come through implicitly.

Our candidates are nothing more than controlled products, but essentially the same.

You got it right that the economy is primary and this is the domain of the banks and financial institutions.

It still can be oh so different but power has been consolidated over the decades and the citizenry has been fractured and their own power diluted. We need to find ways to take it back.

Abso-fucking-lutely! I love that, stealing it :-) it did shine through the article, what amazes me the most is everyone turns into Mr Smith when you make any attempt to criticize government and their political party, the term Stockholm syndrome sums it up perfectly, love thy oppressor, worship thy taxer, bow down before the very people that have no respect for you, and hold you in the greatest level of contempt, the silent "majority" is the scourge of the planet, blindly led in to the next war whether it be a war on "drugs" or a war on "terror" the more they declare war on things the more of them turn up, go figure, politics is insanity and only the insane vote it would seem, when a turn out is below 50% of the population a new form of government should be put forward, one that includes everyone, not just the us and them , haves and have nots.
They used to have a none of the above option in the UK, that has gone now, I guess it was getting too popular.

Trump is a reality TV star, who's role is to 'entertain' America and keep them guessing from week-to-week not knowing what will happen next.


When I was asked who would win the election, I always said Trump. It's not that i'm deeply knowledgeable about politics or that i'm psychic - he was just always going to be the best puppet.

A great way to keep the people guessing is to stick someone in front of them who doesn't know what's coming out of their own mouth next!

Yes, this applies to other US presidents as well such as Nixon, Dubbya, Clinton and probably most obviously to Ronald Regan. We've seen this before, these presidents are public relations creations whose job it is to convince the people of the necessity of things like 'downsizing', 'free-trade' and 'war' and if this things become unpopular the actor is removed from power but the same agenda exists in the background pulling the strings of the latest puppet.

You speak the truth. Sadly, no chance of becoming elected then!

Most times nobody is ever courageous enough to take the bull by the horn, why? Because It takes more than love, boldness and selflessness and that is why people are not willing to be their own saviour or Messiah, and this of course made a few opportunistic world leaders what they sre today.

The Germans felt Hitler was the saviour, I guess we all know the story.

From my aspect and point of view, till people becomes selfless, tenacious bold and courageous, bad people will keep posing as the saviour.

Amazing article here, I love it.

Really good post @v4vapid. Well thought out, well written, succinct and bang on truth! Well done!

I think unfortunately if a real political saviour was to emerge that they would soon be beaten down by the deep state and military industrial complex. One politician alone(president) cannot successfully fight those who are really in charge so the only hope is a non-political saviour to lead the masses to the promised land as such. I feel many of those who look forward to this will be shocked at the process to get there as there will certainly be much blood that will be shed as the powers that be try to kill dissent. While the end result will surely be good, the process will see a lot of death and destruction and it will take enormous willpower of the people to see it through. Everyday in the news we see the results of those who are fighting the U.S. military industrial complex in the Middle East and elsewhere and this is what will need to be overcome for peace on earth to be achieved. Is it possible for man alone to achieve this important mission and be truly successful in wiping out the military industrial complex and politicians who support them or is it only the grace of God who can achieve this? The Knowledge of the Ancient Sumerians May give us the clues as to how this will be achieved.

Thanks for this great comment and I completely agree that is there was a true leader of the people that emerged that threatened the deep state / military industrial complex / corporatism that individual would be targeted and eliminated. Perhaps the solution would be that if we all could agree on a few core principles we could work together to challenge the present system. As you say, it would be very difficult and not without bloodshed and a prolonged sustained uprising by the people.
I think something that helps to prevents a general uprising is that this is that most people just want to be left alone. The state propagandists are actually very refined and have us volunteering for our own enslavement.

It certainly is very refined, ever since currency was invented there has been the buying and selling of slaves. And without even knowing it, the majority of the worlds people are slaves of the system-a different kind of slavery but still just as effective. Most people wouldn’t even know they are slaves to the system until they one day decide to act against the government and get their attention and that is when the surveillance and harassment would start. Like breaking in a wild horse. Yes, most people do want to be left alone and others have to slave away at their jobs for too many hours a week to even be able to find the time for dissent. A well planned system indeed

That's just it, most people are just struggling to survive. How can they find the time for dissent when they're desperately trying not to drown in debt?

I think divestment is a good start, as we've seen through history. If we stop doing business, stop giving our money to certain groups we can hopefully begin to starve the beast.

I think cryptocurrencies are also part of the solution that’s if the hands of the powerful can be kept away from it and it is made available to every one else to benefit from. The banks must be kept out of the equation and if people are really serious about peace and harmony on earth they will only support the cryptocurrencies that the banks and Wall Street don’t have a hand in. Otherwise they will continue to be enslaved by debt and inflation and still won’t have the time on their hands to make a difference in this crazy world

We are going to have to seriously spread the cryptos to do that , they are all freaking out and all the BCE are trying to find ways to get it out of the way , next G20 summit is to follow and we will sees what comes out of it !
Juste a note , since the BTC value has gone down all the press articles read by most poeple here ( France ) are making it sound as if cryptos are already over and dying ....

I didn’t think about the g20 summit but good point. Social media is the way to keep cryptos going and also boots on the ground. @suheri already has a group about to go into the rural areas of aceh to spread the word about Steemit. See my blog for his announcement he has sent out and call to action. It’s all being done very professionally. They even have great looking uniforms. If it can be done in Aceh it can be done anywhere with a cellphone network if the locals have a smartphone

And they usually solve problems through violence. Meet the new leader, same as the old leader, happy to continue running things to the ground for the ordinary human on earth. We can hope that recent elections have started to cause people to look inward for the source of the world's problems before it's too late, because if they keep looking at the other then things are bleak.

Any movie where someone comes in and hates everything you're about for no reason and leads the protagonists blameless is just action filler and, though entertaining to the common folk, does nothing to explain why there might be sincere reasons for discontent among the many peoples of earth.

Any politician that doesn't ask the people to assume some responsibility of their own in fulfilling the duty of a citizen to stay informed and involved and be mindful of their impact on the earth is just as empty, but in this environment that kind of talk would be political suicide.

It's Coke vs Pepsi but you can't choose because presidents are selected. Prepare for Oprah 2020

100% agreed - you have 1 choice really, more of the same :)

In truth, I think most of us are sheep out of simple ignorance of the knowledge that the likes of yourself have about the world. Of those sheep, I still feel that even with that knowledge, most would choose to stay or go back in to the matrix. Some would choose Zion, for sure. But those like you and me who know the world is not what it appears, why do we not stand up? There's a reason for that, many reasons in fact but one in particular. Because we love our families and those of us who truly know the truth, know that the real truth is you can only put your head up so far and raise your voice so much. When you cross that line and bring unwanted attention to an area that really is off limits, you know that the potential is there for harm to come to not yourself but someone you care for. This thought, whether conscious or subconscious, is enough to quiet the voice of most who desire change in the world, I think.

The way I see it, if I was a single man, with no family, I would look at things from one point of view. As a married man I would have to consider not only my wife's thoughts, feelings and safety when making my decision and as a married man with children, I would have to again consider my position and choices with the thought of my children's safety also.

Not sure if I've explained that as best as I could have but it's something I've been thinking about writing about for a while so maybe when I do I'll be able to explain it better. :)

I write a lot about personal responsibility myself so it's nice to see others doing the same, though it often feels like a losing battle. If you can't make people see the obvious in that all presidents are selected for a reason by those who stand to profit from that reason, it shows what a difficult job you have of convincing them of the less obvious truths. :(

Cheers mate.

Yes, Trump is the smokescreen. And everyone is so tied up in what he is saying, and what he is not saying, while the rest of the world just gets on with it.

The real risk is that he will be re-elected. Then America won't be great again. America won't be free or the home of the brave.

America will be irrelevant. the rest of the world will tire of the show and move on. all credibility will be lost, all desire to engage with a society that can't even elect a good government.

Others will rise in America's place. China is poised, Russia could step up, the UK finally free of Europe could also take the lead.

To the masses so glued to the smart phones and laptops that they can't see their own houses burning down around them, nothing will change, nothing will matter, as long as they have cat memes they won't care one jot.

Awesome, spot on, truth. Preach it, brah! :D

Of course, I do believe that Messiah/Jesus is coming and will set everything right...

However, that does not mean I intend to sit on my fat ass doing nothing until then.

Nor does it mean that, like the sadly huge "silent majority," I will mindlessly support some "political savior." Politics is so clearly beastly...

Thanks for "telling it like it is." I hope a lot of "non-choir members" will hear what you have to say.



Great post ! And so true on many points ..... WE here in France have always surfed on the fact that we did a big revolution and our heroes at that time were the "Lumières " as we called them , litterates , thinkers , philosophers .... It was the mutation of the french society .
But today we have were nothing more than sheep , and a great majority of us to not take in the changing world around us , the wakening of consciousness of the next generations ....
I wonder sometimes what we really trust in .... ?

This whole thread is great I have been waiting for one loke that , with good points and real change of thoughts and infos ! Feels good ! Resteemed !

I fucking loved this article. Going to show it to my girlfriend, hopefully she actually reads it. I had to break down some of this because it was just too good to not dive a little deeper. Man, it really hits the nail on the head.

  • We've become so accustomed to being voyeurs in our own lives
    I think this is a huge part of the human condition. The problem is that so many people haven't even become aware that they are not their thoughts, emotions, ideas, etc. They believe soooo much that all that baggage is WHO THEY ARE, when really they are the ones behind it all watching it. Those are the people who are the voyeurs for sure, great wording by the way... going to steal that. I honestly am unsure on how we can shake these people out of their unconscious dream state and get them to wake up, but then again, that's what every philosophical, spiritual, or life teacher has been trying to do since the begginning of time, lol.

  • Fear is relentlessly broadcast though every medium until we accept this as our destiny
    Fear. The one element that is necessary to control entire populations. Without fear, what power does the establishment have?? Really. That's it. They have guns, sure. They have nukes, ok. But if nobody feared all of that, what could they REALLY do??

  • the American people were introduced to their savior, Barrack Obama.
    I have to admit, I WANTED to believe the hype about Obama, but I saw that it was all a stage. We just came from one of the worst president's ever, Bush. 8 years of war... Economy in turmoil... Jobs were getting slashed by the millions. Then we had a young black guy from chicago claiming "hope and change" vs. a old white republican saying that we'll be in the middle east for "a 100 years". It's theater. It's a ruse.

  • Trump is a reality TV star, who's role is to 'entertain' America
    That is exactly what I've been saying to all my friends since the day he got elected. He is literally the BEST distraction they could ask for. Instead of all the political movements that were gaining power, instead of us continuing to work together on REAL issues, nope... all the organizing and anger is now directed at RESIST campaigns that mean LITERALLY nothing.

Glad you liked it... and reading your response "James Gets It"!

You weren't the only one sucked in by Obama, people really NEEDED him to be real. We were given exactly what we craved deep down, but it was a fabrication...I was skeptical of Obama and as soon as he started 'negotiating' with the Republicans over healthcare, trying to generate support from both sides... I knew it was definitely a sham. If the Republicans had a super majority (executive/congress/senate) would they try to 'work with' their democratic counterparts? Ah Heeeell Noo! They would have rammed their legislation through without a second thought. It's all bullshit, we know it, they know it.
I don't know how people keep falling for the false left/right paradigm.
American democracy is completely control so you'll never have a choice that isn't part of America Inc.

Perhaps a bit theatrical but creatively brilliant and it tells the story exactly as it is. Just getting started on Steemit myself but I am greatful to see someone else who gets the picture and can talk about the real underlying sources of so many problems. Very Intelligently and artisticly presented.

Welcome to Steemit! Thanks for the compliments and I think it's easy to get lulled right back into ideological divisions such as left/right - dem/rep - socialist/capitalist. Frankly, that's exactly where they want us to be, endlessly fighting one another. God forbid if we actually focused on what we agree on!

haha, that is awesome, and VERy synchronistic for me! Literally two adys ago i was telling @shelbi Exactly what you are saying! The evil ones rarely do their own dirty work, and in the end, at that last minute, it will be one person who can change it all by being the hero!

Its a great message that Hollywood has been telling us for years now, and I believe! We are the ones who really have the power, because without our consent there is no one around to do the dirty work.

The change will come from within, yes!

We don't need presidents. We don't need saving. Everything is an illusion to make you think you need to be saved. The governments are the ones that create weapons, create wars. Nobody has never listened to the truth of people and nobody ever will. But the day is coming really soon where everything will be seen as people are starting to wake the fuck up and speak up. Out of all 8 billion people on this planet, we are being ruled by no more than 1 million in total.

You can imagine what is to follow.

Cheers and much love ! It is because of people like you and me that this will happen <3

Bring on the revolution. Love the post, @v4vapid. 100% upvoted, resteemed, and following you now. You're right--no one needs a savior. Trust and believe in yourself. Ideologies will only lead you astray.

I don't think Trump is so bad, at least way better than Hillary.

If Trump was placed there by the evil establishment, the media would not be attacking him so much. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and Mr. Trump is most certainly the enemy of the fake mainstream media.

I absolutely agree with you and I'll start by saying Sometimes it's good to look beyond the present but it's almost impossible to see farther than we can see
At this juncture I'll to say that the only Messiah one should wait for is the good "change" he/she would bring forth

False savior.

Welcome bro. Very long time ago

Can you please upvote one of my latest posts, Im so sorry for asking, but would love to see something above 25 XD

I my city, we need to save ourselve too. There are no hero or savior!

Enjoy the vote and reward!

Hey man! Awesome post! Very insightful and you're probably right. But, what do we do man?! Of course politicians are liars. Even if I fell for the media phenomenon of both Obama and Trump it is pretty clear by now that expecting change from politicians is nothing more than wishful thinking. But what else can we do? I liked the preparedness mindset at least I could be at least a little prepared for the ensuing dystopia do you have other suggestions?

Wow, great one.!! Really Amazing article here, I love it.

This article is right on target, over and over again individuals simply expect we can do nothing to change the world, yet we are the change.

We've been giving without end our energy to government officials, we trust that they are in control, effective, and settled in, thus they are.
There is extraordinary power in conviction and thought, and the way we've been raised we accept our convictions and

contemplations to be valid. We think they are our contemplations, however they've ordinarily been planted there, much the same as we think a solitary figre may swoop in and spare the day.
The way I jump at the chance to take a gander at superhuman motion pictures is that the legend is me, the saint is you, each one of us is the saint.

We have to begin trusting that, we have to begin trusting we can roll out awesome improvement ourselves and think of answers for the world's issues.
Blockchain is an incredible advance toward that path, it's empowering us to make change like never before.

Individuals simply need to acknowledge it, at that point put the work in to be a piece of it.

Carry on dear..Best one post article..✌✌✌✌

Same old playbook - they've been using it for thousands of years...those with the power will always do whatever they can to keep it!

We are all powerful co-creators of our reality- the sooner enough of us focue our thoughts and intentions on a very positive timeline for humanity the sooner we will reach that reality. The bad guys know this and they perpetually plant negative thoughts into our consciousness that fuels the reality they desire.

It's also important to know that there is no fence sitting- you cannot take a 'neutral' position- if you choose to not exercise your co-creative powers understand that they don't remain on the table- somebody else, who doesn't honor freewill, picks those powers up and uses them against you. It's time to realize yourself as the all powerful being you are- come on- it's a team effort- we got this!

Great politician president trump. Thanks for sharing such a good post.

Don't worry, Oprah is going to make it all better!

Well, you’ve got an eye catching poster there. 🔥🔥
Great post, really appreciate it!

Why do we need a political savior? Because voters have ceded considerable power to the administrative state (the bureaucracy) over which voters have little control. Elections do not really afffect the bureaucracy. It continues to make rules that we all must live by, and which we cannot change. And so, since elections don't influence much, we naturally long for a superhero, ubermensch, who can save us and make a difference. It almost never works.

I think it boils down to an ingrained mental schism of abandonment and fear. Until people start working on themselves and their diseased mental psyche's we will always be up against it. I find that in 'truth seeking' circles even though people know w Keep up the good fight!hat governments are doing to us they sill look at politicians as the way out! Either that or they are looking for a spiritual guru pehaps, As you say we have the power we just need to realise it. Thanks for your post.

Enjoy the vote and reward

Why do we not make a film like the interview but we replace Kim with trump

Thanks for the important info..👍
resteem this post

thanks dear for political that help the people and carry on so that every people is benifited.......
thanks for sharing....

This post is political related and I little bit support of politics..

Thanks for sharing..
I appreciate dear..Carry on dear..

wooww ... your post is very interesting .. thanks ... you have been willing to share

we always have to have faith in God, don't be too focus on the warthly things, money , fame,jewelry, fancy cars, all of thoae can get old and rusty, webshould be focus on what's more important, to be like God, to be the same as him, we may not be all perdect but we can do good things as God wants as to, and let's all be patient and be ready for the coming of the real hero, Jesus Christ. What an eye opener post dear @v4vapid 👏👍🙏❤️❤️❤️

This tendency you are writing about, is dangerous especially in subdeveloped countries where most of the leaders are now revolutionary socialists.

For example, in my country Venezuela, we had a socialist revolution that started in 1999 and it completely destroyed this once rich country. It all started by electing a fearless leader in the form of Chavez, who took a total control of the country, and used this control and power to rob his own country into destruction.

Right now we have a country totally collapsed and the majority of the population suffering from poverty and hunger.

Trump is the great politician in the world...Tnx sharing for interesting post...

Good one there

The hero's journey is meant to inspire us in our own circle of becoming the hero.

However, it has been morphed. Into something only a super-human could do.

And the other half, govern-cement red tape is so thick that you can't do anything. It takes all you have just to put in a pond behind your house.

The govern-cement has long publicized themselves as the leaders. But, anyone who has looked, knows there isn't any leadership there. Still, it is in all the movies. The president is the leader. The FBI go to great lengths to get the criminals. Police investigate and find out who the murderer was. All completely fallacious.

No good government in Kali Yuga...In this age of hypocrisy and quarrel. In the early ages, many thousand years ago, the Holy Kings were ruling in a way that every citizen was satisfied and no unemployed person...For that reason, we need to do something else and not satisfying our senses to be in the center of our lives...Cats and Dogs Civilization...

It is very important for us....I love it

Great article, very well done. Thank you for posting!


It’s ironic because the majority will never see it this way. But it’s true. From the day of birth we are programmed to expect a superior savior.

The power is in each one of us, we only need to unlock it and realize it.

Great post @v4vapid. 👍🏼

i think you are right ..this is good

Thanks so much for a well needed post. If only people would realize we govern ourselves almost all of the time. Trump has been no change, the corporatocracy continues.... or does it, my hope is that cryptocurrencies and the free exchange of ideas on the internet will finally bring an end to their reign.

Obama was better than Trum, 44th president was better than 45th.

We need to reject any politics that targets people because of race or religion. This isn't a matter of political correctness. It's a matter of understanding what makes us strong. The world respects us not just for our arsenal; it respects us for our diversity and our openness and the way we respect every faith. . very well said and Amazing article here. . Excellent dear @v4vapid

Man did trump lose weight! It is just like what you said, just one big reality show. Since way far back, during World War 2, USA and Germany were on opposite sides, that is what they said in school, but they were actually holding hands under the table. Who is most known during world war 2? Hitler. That is all what people know, but most do not know that someone named Prescott Bush, is the one that funded the rise of Hitler, without him there would be no Hitler.

Three small facts about Prescott Bush:

  1. American Politician
  2. Banker
  3. Father of President George H. W. Bush

I think this sums it all up, no voting in the US was actual voting, this explains a load of other things, can jet fuel melt steel beams? it is all one MASSIVE tv show with more episodes than the Bold and the Beautiful.

really awesome post @v4vapid keep it up well done.

I am the first time on steemit blog, please give freedom in my comment! Do not back off before the fight. I see the privilege of steemit @locer76

We are a democracy. I wish the voters would support less government.

No, you live in a constitutional republic and how about no government. Can you touch government? Government is just people who literally act like rulers. The U.S. was created by men who were traitors to the crown, who would be considered domestic terrorists today, over a few percent tax and the crown making all debts payable backed by gold and not the colonial script, which was a fiat currency used in the colonies for about 20 years or so.

Today's situation is 100 times worse than what the colonists faced back in the day with the King of England. The colonists formed a militia, defeated the empire and then with the stroke of a pen wrote the constitution. However, that document and form of government is as illegitimate as any other form of government know to man. Because when you ask yourself how does someone acquire the right to rule another? The answer is there is no ritual or document through which any group of people can delegate to someone else a right which no one in the group possesses. Therefore no one has the right to rule another. No one!

I live in the USA. It seems like most of the constitutional part died. Sheeple seem to love socialist democracy. Hopefully with steemit we can now fight back better. I think a small government democratic Republic could work but Americans don't seem to understand the problems that massive socialism brings.

A long-whinded Trump bash.

Don't forget an Obama bash, a Goldman Sachs bash, a sheeple bash and a fake democracy bash ;)

Equal opportunity political bashing!

Highly rEsteemed!

Everybody likes the convenience of not accepting responsibility and making excuses!

Trump and his the republican party he cucks, probably literally, are simply the ones who sold out the actual americans to the highest and most crafty bidders, in this case, the Russians and the Israelis.

Everyone else is getting stronger while the US gets weaker, can't even launch a satellite without someone sabotaging it. Kindof difficult to get projects off the ground for your country if a hundred dual national consultants get their hands on it.

the rest of the world thinks that the USA is a paradise but thanks to you we find out about their problems. Thank you

100% I agree with you
We need to save ourselves

It's a part of dramaturgy. Wasn't hard to imagine the politics as a theatre don't you?

Yes, elections are just a glorified pageant show!

This is excellent, and very timely. . . people need to realize how much control they have over their own lives and how a little responsibility goes a long way towards making "leaders" irrelevant in their day-to-day lives.

I totally agree with this. changes starts from ourselves. If we need to change our way of living, we need to start it with ourselves.

Thank you very much for sharing your valuable post on steemit. I am start to following you so that I can upvote your all post on steemit.


Most circumstances no one is ever sufficiently bold to take the bull by the horn, why? Since It takes more than affection, intensity and magnanimity and that is the reason individuals are not willing to be their own particular friend in need or Messiah, and this obviously made a couple of shrewd world pioneers what they are today.

People in general have long back given away their energy to these 'false saviors' to choose their destiny.

Each 4-8 years another one tags along promising expectation and change, MAGA, whatever they know the non-thinking people need to hear and they trust once more, it's tragic to watch in light of the fact that the plan never, ever changes.

Well said, i think the general theme of your post applies to pretty much every country and government. I know the same is true in our country with it's recent "alleged" but oh so transparent state capture scandal

I'm one of those who loves deadpool actors. This actor makes a lot of silly scenes that can invite people to laugh.

These politicians are a dying breed. They just don;t know it yet. Technology is getting better and better at automating more and more of the work that we needed governments for. And now with decentralized consensus and open communities, kinda like the one here, we're finding ways to create societies managed by agnostic algorithms.

Soon we'll have AI that we can condition to meet the requirements of our societies. "Decentralized tribes" as Brock Pierce put it managed through direct consensus. None of this man in the middle bullshit that our current governmental models work on.

Projects like BitNation give me hope that this could actually be a reality and not just my manic pipe dream.

I'm adding this to my WTF wallpaper folder. 🙌

i wait for too.

The best thing to do is nothing! What I mean by that is that if no one paid taxes, The IRS would cease to exist. 100 million plus taxpayers against 100,000 IRS agents, mostly pencil pushers, and maybe 2,000 of them armed. Doesn't seem like a fair fight. The conundrum is getting all those who are employees to stop their employer from acting as the extortionists collector and stop withholding taxes straight away. You literally could bring the system down without doing anything, just stop funding it! But it would be much easier to walk on the sun than to try to get that through the heads of the indoctrinated masses. And I'm not into the whole voting for a "nicer master" deal.

By the way, did anyone ever notice when you put The IRS together it says THEIRS? That says it all!

Very stable genius who is like really smart hahahaha

Problems do not solve with fighting or going out to the streets. Problems solve by kind words.

This message rings loud and clear in all aspects of life, not just politics. Far too many people are comfortable with waiting for other people to take control of their life because they would rather not take responsibility for their actions. People need to start taking control of their own destinies, invest in yourself.

Today we celebrated the birth anniversary of the only real saviour we've ever had in Nepal. King Prithvi Narayan Shah who unified small independent states to make a country we now know as Nepal. Then the British attacked and we had to give them some of the best parts as a peace treaty. But they never got to rule us. I think after more than a hundred years,we need another saviour like King Shah who could cleanse all the political anomalies in this country.

Very true. And true in most of the world, I believe, not just the US. The people have been lead to believe they're powerless by everything from religion to TV, when the true power resides only in the people.

As a citizen of a country under an authoritarian government marketing itself as socialism, I know firsthand the consequences this mentality may have.

And fighting alone is not a winning fight.

But society united can make a change. We must never give up.

solid post👍🔥 📚 and a refreshing read 📖

Well explained, v4vapid. It says a lot that actors and celebrities are able to become president even with no/minimal political experience.

Not just a US phenomenon, same thing happens all over the world... can name a few examples here in Asia.

i really hope trump dosnt fuck america up with all his bullshit that image of him standing on the tank looks like the front cover of a sweet game hahaha

Hi @v4vapid Cool blog! Sub+ resteem+upvote from me.
Personally, I don't believe in saviors(not to mention politicians), we have to be the first to make the change(within ourselves in the first place), on my own I have made some steps to try to create a new society.
If you are interested you can have a look ;)

If people weren't so easily controlled your theory would work great, but I am not willing to wait for the general public to organize. Look at the way the media is able to divide us on every level. I believe we need a "savior" and I'm holding my breath because Trump is working on taking down the elitist powers right now. Then the sheep will follow and democracy will be restored.

Thank you, for this wake up call, @v4vapid! As an immigrant, Muslim and poet, based in the USA, I feel that I have been called to action.

I try, through my own writing (and example) to dispel myths about my part of the world and remind us that we can always choose to live differently and have the power to save ourselves.

I do hope that you, and your followers, might find the time to read this article I've recently posted on Steemit: a passionate plea for healing, peace and global citizenship:

All the best,