wooww ,, very beautiful painting ,,, forward friend ,, i will always pray for you

Colors so vivid & Very nice Presentation ,
Love that enchanting background music also!

You need some new posts for people to park their votes!!

Hope you are very well and not being rushed about!

It’s difficulty to find some slow moments to be lazy these days! I am rushed off my feet a bit!

Memories of swimming in the local pond and afternoon walks on surrey hills bring back good old days when I was studying in London. Life was so much fun being a young student!

This is such a treat to see your work for the first time and to listen to your explantion about your work process.

Love the way you use laying of colours! Mind you I am no artist and I failed art subjects at school. But I love to see beautiful colours and paintings.

Your paintings remind me of the design on the ceiling of mosques! Very beautiful yet you also have your mysterious side!
Goldaming reminds me of my friends’ house near Farnham in Surrey. I often took the trains down there!

The blue with yellow flowers are super cool!


Thank you so much @kaminchan I love living in Surrey, one of the best places to live in the UK especially because of nature and the Surrey Hills I have to count my blessings for sure.