Updating the Recovery from the Forest Fire

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I have been riding in the mornings whenever I can and I keep checking up on the recovery of the massive fire that wiped out about ten percent of this wonderful wildlife refuge. Below is a map that I pop up several times during the video showing where I am filming from throughout it.


This place is my refuge as well because I am a city dweller and I need to get out and see God's creation and connect with nature from time to time - usually around sunrise. The video shows some of the vegetation recovering two months after the fire.

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I got a bit turned around while looking for the smaller patch of burnt area and I did get to take a side path which was very cool.


I do not go off the wide paths often and only a little ways off of them when I do. If they were to bust me, then I may lose my privileges to ride here. There are other really nice places but they are forty five minutes away, where this one is only five minutes away.

The Nature Refuge is located in downtown Buenos Aires behind the famous "Pink House" right next to Puerto Madero apartments and businesses.


Here is a photo of the most expensive real estate in the country (per square meter). Enjoy.

Thanks for watching.

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How well esteemed @sponge-bob that such a beautiful forest setting is recovered, after intense fires, I tell you that Argentina is the country where my 42-year-old son lives, even more to worry about what happened. The natural reserves in the world are a protection of our lives for tomorrow. I hope everything flourishes soon in such a beautiful place. Success in your publication, I wish you from Venezuela.