Aloha Folks ... Im a Streamer and proud user of

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Aloha Folks ...

Treasure Chest - Vimm GEM - Edited.gif

I´m Ciderjunkie and a Streamer on @VIMM .tv

Vimm is maybe one of the oldest DAPPS of HIVE and still so unseen...

People choosed the option to do LIVE STREAMS on Blockchain , but we need you out there.. yeah @everyone

We need your Support, or maybe only someone who jumps in and say Hello, it cost nothing to say hello, and belive me most of us are happy for this small sign of Respect.

I've been using Vimm for a while and I want to give something back even if I don't know that reading many of my words on the chain and yet I don't want to leave it untried.

That's why I have plans today and I need YOUR help for that.

But the whole thing will not be in vain smile, I want you to share this contribution and give it love and I will give you something back ...

On the day this post is paid out, I will be holding a giveaway in the Mid Night Stream (CEST timezone) ...

The lucky one will receive a $ 10 Nintendo E-SHOP voucher from me.

Why do I do this ? Must there be a reason to do something good? Vimm does me a lot of good without you asking why, but how does Vimm do something good for me?

I am taking early retirement due to many physical deficits on my part. Vimm gives me the opportunity to do something, not to feel useless and for the moment I'm LIVE, I just don't care about my problems, but can just be a streamer. A person who wants to share his game fun with you and hopes that maybe one or the other of you will take a look and, as already mentioned, just say HELLO ...

This is not about me, even if it just seems like that for a moment, I want to show that with @vimm we got a wonderful base that has always decided in favor of the blockchain, even if not everyone has always done that.

This DAPP deserves to be brought into focus and I hope you share this will keep an eye on VIMM and maybe make a streamer happy soon!



I agree. Vimm is highly underrated on the Hive blockchain since there are no other dedicated streaming dapps, especially that have the feature set of a true streaming platform the way that Vimm does. It has a great community of streamers from all over the world supporting the platform and hopefully people will see it as a great alternative to YouTube or Twitch.

This is what streaming is all about for me. Finding a community to connect with and share fun moments with!

To show my support for this initiative, I'm tipping you 5 HIVE and adding 5 HIVE for the lucky winner ❤️

thx Mate ... so we have now more prizes for a Giveaway next Week :)

I love that you stream. I had no idea there was a Dapp for that. Thanks for posting this and letting me know. @ryzeonline and I don't stream but we do love games.

What kind of games do you like to play while streaming? Have you played any of the games on this list? I mostly play the games on that list. 8 out of 10 anyway.

I'll definitely check out Vimm. Thanks again for letting me know about it!


firstly be welcome in my lil world :D

im playing a lot of games but atm its Call of Duty Black ops in Focus...

I have British, American and German coplayers...

I love Path of exile but i had a long break now of it... i want to explore it again...

Installed it and still look for the moment to get into in again, played loads of Diablo II n III

Diablo! I've watched some people know play that a lot. But it's been awhile. Call of Duty is cool. I'll have to go check out your stream. I LOVE PoE. That's so fun but @ryzeonline and I stopped playing it. We're into Outer Wilds right now (well together. He's about to start Titan Fall 2 I think?)

Thanks for the welcome into your world. It's much appreciated. ❤️

Im always open for new things :D okay sounds a bit ... but hey were in `21 and im German so im allowed to say double way things :D

lets see whats the next on my list... i have way too much games :D Or are there too many of em :D

LOL we always have too many games on a list (games, books, movies, shows LOL the list is endless) and oh you're German? Cool. I wanted to say something witty in German but...alas I only know:
Ich Shleiban austa be-clair
Es kumpent madre monster
Aus-be, aus-can-be flaugen
Begun beske but-bair
From Lady Gaga's song Scheiße LOL

No Pressure to use german my english skills seems okay :D

And sometimes it dont need words to understand each other :)

Okay in WWW you mostly need words... but if people are up to read between the lines its so much funnier in life :)

Yes! I agree sometimes words aren't necessary. ❤️ and yeah here it's easier with words. But emoji's and memes can go far LOL

Correct, I played the first couple levels of Titanfall 2, but still psyched to unravel the mysteries of the Nomai in Outer Wilds. :)

YES let's unravel that Nomai mystery(ies cuz there are 1738 of them LOL) What did you think of Titanfall?

One of the best first-person shooters (FPS) games I've ever played. Crazy how well done it is.

i never played titanfall :D


Thank YOU for being part of this community!